10 Things Every Marketer Needs to Know

Digital marketing concept. Human hand with a megaphone surrounded by media icons
Digital marketing concept. Human hand with a megaphone surrounded by media icons

One of the perks of running an international events agency is the amazing opportunity to meet and hang out with some of the world's most inspiring marketers. As we are doing the final preparations for our marketing shows in Tbilisi, Doha and Cairo, I asked some of my favorite speakers to share their views and tips on today's rapidly changing marketing world. Hope they will help you as much as they've helped me. Enjoy!

1. Mobile As A Priority: With mobile-only users on Facebook growing by 34%, and large-screen phones now accounting for more than one-quarter of all sales, brands need to think about how their social presence can cater to mobile users. Brand campaigns now need to start with mobile-first then scale up to desktop/laptop .Plan for everyone to experience everything, from marketing emails through websites to social post, on mobile exclusively. (Scott Hicks, Former Client Partner @Facebook)

2. Social Media Is Not Free: It's now a Pay-to-Play social world. Brands should invest in smart social advertising (paid amplification). Take the time to dig deep on audience segmentation and targeting on social platforms that are right for your brands. Focus on storytelling and use the power of technology to add value in your communications. (Scott Hicks, Former Client Partner @Facebook)

3. Online Video Isn't Just About Youtube Anymore: From short video on Twitter's Vine channel and Instagram, to even shorter GIFs on Tumblr, and full length shows on facebook, digital video is here to stay and is growing way beyond its traditional home on YouTube. Brands need to understand how to leverage video across their full marketing mix and look for more creative (and less expensive) ways to produce video content. (Scott Hicks, Former Client Partner @ Facebook)

4. Spend More Time Making Consumer Centric Decisions: Always ask "what will the consumer see as a result of the work I am doing?"- and if the answer is nothing, then either fine tune what you are doing, or drop it completely. (Asad Ur Rehman, Media Director @ Unilever)

5. Data Is In Abundance These Days: First, get used to it, and second, make it relevant to a decision. If a set of data is not helping you make any decision, it is not worth having. (Asad Ur Rehman, Media Director @ Unilever)

6. Avoid Social Media Vomit: Do not talk at your audience, but rather talk with them and remember that it's not about you it's about them. (Ahmed Adly, Social Media Director @Leo Burnett MENA)

7. Reward Your Brand Advocates: Those who talk positively about your brand without compensation and on their own accord are your most valuable assets. the number 1 driver of social activities is validation, in fact, that's what the entire social ecosystem is built on (Likes, RTs, Hearts, favourites. etc.) (Ahmed Adly, Social Media Director @Leo Burnet MENA)

8. Expect The Unexpected: When you write content, play devils' advocate and make sure it doesn't sound offensive to anyone -- gut check with others on your team or even go outside just to make sure you don't end up with a #fail. (John Colluci, Engagement Editor @Engadget)

9. Don't Think Campaign To Campaign For Digital: Digital works best with momentum. (Josh Partridge, Director @Shazam)

And my favorite one:

10. Don't Be Afraid To Utilize Other "Excellent" Ideas - don't let your pride get in the way! (Josh Partridge, Director @Shazam)

What are your tips for marketers in today's hectic marketing world? Would love to hear your views.