10 Things Every Single Mom Knows To Be True

"We are strong. We are resilient. But we are also vulnerable."

In their kids’ eyes, single moms are basically superheroes ― but hey, we’re guessing even Wonder Woman needs a nap every now and then. Raising kids alone can be exhausting.

Below, real single moms share 10 things they know to be true about the hard but rewarding work of single parenting.

1. “It’s equal parts wonderfully exciting and terribly lonely to have so much solitude when the kids are away with their dad. Single moms appreciate friends who check in to be sure we aren’t sitting home alone every time the kids are gone.” ― Katie Mitchell

2. “Only single parents understand the struggles of the nighttime shift because it’s your turn every night for each kid.” ― Lindsey Light

3. "When you don't have a partner, you can't allow yourself to fall into a deep sleep; you must remain ever vigilant to teens sneaking out and taking your car!" -- Amy Koko

4. "Single moms know what it's like to feel as though you have the 'divorce plague.' You can't catch divorce from us. Include us in your family events!" -- Clara G. Herrera

5. "We take care of everyone and everything because that's just what we need to do, but not having someone to take care of us can be really challenging some days. A simple hug from a friend or an offer to come over and hang out with us one night is what we often need so we don't feel so alone." -- Dina Strada

6. "Single moms understand the importance of finding someone you can share the good stuff with -- the little successes, the achievements. I'm looking for someone to high five when my kid scores a touchdown and celebrate when they bring home excellent report cards. I'm looking for someone who sees how awesome my kids are, not someone who considers them 'baggage.'" -- Kasey Ferris

7. "We are strong. We are resilient. But we are also vulnerable, even if we don't come off that way. Because of that, being a single mom can be lonely despite the fact we are seldom alone. Even though we are not needy, we do have needs. Ask us how we are. Show an interest." -- Stacey Freeman

8. "Dating is a really terrifying concept at first. Emerging from a failed marriage actually makes me a better partner and I know I have a lot to offer someone. But finding a man who can be comfortable with my level of independence and the busy life I lead with my kids seems like an impossible task sometimes." -- Katie Mitchell

9. "We make it look easy, but we would love the opportunity to share our hopes and fears with friends who won't judge." -- Honoree Corder

10. "Only single moms understand how powerful the force of love can be: it can and will power you through the tough times, the tired mornings, and the sleepless nights. "-- Lindsey Light

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