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10 Things Financially Strong People Do

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People desire abundance and work hard to seek a prosperous life. When others achieve financial success, they often wonder- how this happen for them? Did someone bestow them with a trust fund or were they born under a lucky star? Here's ten things the financially smart people do:

Imagine: Financially smart people imagine big success. They create a dream, and do what it takes to cultivate it until it becomes a reality. They don't visualize disaster.

Listen: Financially smart people deeply listen to others. While they may not adapt someone's recommendations they listen to the feedback others provide. They are interested in another perspective.

Learn: Financially smart people are willing to learn. They look at every opportunity- a conversation, a lecture, an email as their chance to broaden their knowledge base.

Unbounded Potential: Financially smart people know that they have the unbounded potential to change the world. They do not place limits on their expectations and goals.

Mindfulness: Financially smart people are aware of how their decisions impact others. They are willing to give back anonymously. They don't need to have their name on a plaque.

Inspire: Financially smart people are inspired by small and large things. A book may inspire them as well as a major life event. They remain in touch with their source of inspiration, and it is what drives them to success.

Nurture: Financially smart people know they must nurture their ideas until their goal is met. They understand that there will be times when no one is around to give feedback or praise, and yet, they continue to cultivate their ideas.

Align: Financially smart people are aware of their own weak spots and align themselves with people who are strong in these areas. The financially smart know their deficits and align themselves with people who are competent in these areas.

Engage: Financially smart people engage in behavior that support their goal. This may mean that they attend conferences where they are they are there as a student and not a speaker. They read articles to help them deepen their understanding of a subject or have dinner with other like- minded individuals.

Next time, you hear about a financially successful person, chances are they are still actively practicing these ten things- illuminate.

Kristin Meekhof is a licensed master's level social worker, speaker, free- lance writer and author of the book "A Widow's Guide to Healing". She is deeply honored to have cover blurbs from Deepak Chopra MD and Maria Shriver. Kristin can be reached via her website.

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