10 Things I Learned About Tuck and Patti

The musical duo of Tuck and Patti have been performing together for nearly 38 years. I met them at a Bobby McFerrin concert 35 years ago before they were married. I worked for their first management company, A-Train management, and traveled to Jordan and Egypt with them for a command performance for Queen Noor's surprise birthday party.

I know them well and I have written an article about them before. I attended a concert on April 14th at the SF Jazz Center and learned more about them. Here are 10 Things I learned about Tuck and Patti:

1. They teach guitar and voice lessons respectively in person and via Skype.

2. One can get their complete catalog of music on a USB drive.

3. Tuck performed with the GAP Band while still in school at Stanford.

4. They are now producing, recording and mixing for other artists in their studio.

5. They performed a Mel Torme/Peggy Lee song, Bless you for the good that's in you which Patti heard for the first time in the sound track to a movie while they were on the road. She had jet lag and insomnia and Tuck was sleeping peacefully.

6. Tuck performed a song requested by Patti that he had not performed in 18 years, Getaway by Earth Wind and Fire.

7. Legally they are not allowed to accept unsolicited material. They are not alone in this, it's a music industry standard.

8. I knew this but the L.A. Times confirmed that they are "[q]uite simply, one of the most remarkable pairings in pop and jazz history-as musically intuitive as Ella Fitzgerald and Joe Pass, as rhythmically intertwined as Astaire and Rogers."

9. Patti really does love high heel shoes.

10. They really are all about love, musically, professionally, and in their lives.

Peace, love, compassion, and blessings.