10 Things I Learned From Screening East Side Sushi

I screened East Side Sushi at the Cine+Mas San Francisco Latino Film Festival at the Opera Plaza in San Francisco and here are 10 things I learned:

1. It was shot entirely in Oakland.

2. I have never seen a female sushi chef.

3. I have never seen a non-Asian sushi chef.

4. "East Side" refers to ESO or "East Side Oakland".

5. The subtitle is "Where East Oakland Meets the Far East".

6. The filmmaker, Anthony Lucero, was born and raised in Oakland.

7. The movie screened at the Asian American Film Festival too.

8. The movie is in English, Spanish, and Japanese with English subtitles.

9. The movie had only seven days of rehearsals some of it on a road trip from Los Angeles to Oakland.

10. The movie was based on a short story about the aspirations of a dishwasher, Juan, the character's gender, occupation, and name were changed in the film.

The Cine+Mas SF Latino Film Festival runs now through September 27th.

Love, peace, compassion, and blessings.