10 Things I Love About My Autistic Child

He’s taught me so much about life.
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If you scour the internet for searches about children with autism, you will see a whole bunch of negative things about autistic children. They don’t sleep much, they have meltdowns, they don’t communicate well, and the list goes on. When I think about my autistic child, I can see those things in him, but there is also so much positive about him that should get recognized. So here are the things I love about my autistic child.

Things I Love About My Autistic Child

What can I say? I love my son. Here’s why.

My son has made me a better person because of all he’s taught me about life.

He just wants to be your friend.

Contrary to popular belief, children with autism truly do want friends. My son would do anything to make people happy because he wants so much to find friends.

He shows me unconditional love.

No matter what, my son will always love me and tell me I’m the best mom ever. I could have the worst day, and he’d still be there, rallying for me.

He prays for me.

That’s my son’s new thing now that we’ve been going to church for a while. If he sees me struggling or sick, he just looks at me and says, “‘ll pray for you, mom.” it touches my heart that my autistic son has found God and holds that close to his heart.

He’s always good for a hug and a kiss.

It’s part of our routine every day now that he must get a kiss before he goes to school. He kisses my cheek in return and blows me kisses at the carpool as he’s heading off to school. It makes my day.

He recognizes when I’m sad and actively tries to help.

I suffer from depression, so, unfortunately, no matter how I try to hide it, my children know all about what sadness looks like. He’ll hug me and tell me it’s okay. Sometimes I tear up when he does it because it seems to come from nowhere. He just senses when things aren’t right.

My autistic son loves to help people.

He’s a people pleaser, through-and-through. He’ll do anything to help. He’ll bring me a soda when I’m thirsty, help take out the recycling, and much more. All he seeks in return is love.

He’s such a GOOD kid.

We’ve had our struggles, but if you’re going through you own, know that it truly does get better as they get older. My autistic son has come so far over the years, but through it all, his heart has been in the right place. He just knows more know about how to show it.

This kid is smart as a whip.

Though he doesn’t always show how smart he has become, my son has so much wit about him and his memory reaches far beyond my own. I don’t know anyone aside from a mechanic who can tell me so much about cars. He knows how to get from our house to just about anywhere. He’s memorized my phone number, which is more than I can say for many kids older than him that I know. He’s just a little smart-pants and I love it.

He has become more considerate over the years.

I cannot tell you how it makes my heart swell when I see my autistic son giving something up to make his brother happy. It happens more and more these days, and I can attribute that both to our parenting style and his raw desire to make everyone, including his brother, happy.

Don’t feel sorry for us because we’ve got the whole enchilada

I’m telling you, having an autistic child does not come without challenges, but neither does raising a neurotypical child. He’s fantastic and I love him so much. I don’t feel sorry for myself for having him and you shouldn’t feel bad about it either. My autistic child is one of the best things that’s ever happened to me. I cannot deny how awesome he is.

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