10 Things Obama Won't Tell Us (Happy Sunshine Week!)

10 Things Obama Won't Tell Us (Happy Sunshine Week!)

President Obama's very public embrace of open government -- starting on his
first full day
in office -- has been a welcome change from the regime of secrecy enforced by the previous administration.

The routine disclosure of White House visitor logs and the White House's Open Government Initiative are but two examples.

And yet the Obama administration's openness only goes so far.

In some ways, particularly when it comes to covering up the most controversial aspects of (or policies held over from) the Bush administration, this White House is as opaque as the last one.

In honor of Sunshine Week, which is a celebration of the importance of open government and freedom of information, here are 10 of the things that President Obama is keeping us in the dark about.

Vote for which ones you think are the most outrageous.

Jeremy Binckes contributed to this report.

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