10 Things That Happen When Your Friends Start Getting Married

Bridal party with flowers
Bridal party with flowers

When I was in my early 20s, I used to hear people talk about weddings at work and I would hide in my cube thinking "these bitches are old AF." Then, I got older and started experience weddings hands on and realized these things are actually fun. It's a huge party, everyone gets wasted, and 98% of the time, BOOZE IS FREE. For a time, I still felt years away from partaking in the wedding madness myself, but when some of my close friends starting planning their weddings, my mindset totally shifted. I could blame the change on turning 27 and realizing how close to 30 I actually am, but in reality it's the very contagious virus that is a "friend wedding."

Here are 10 things that happen when your friends start getting married...

1. You start to feel old.

Like, seriously old. How in the world are you now old enough that your friends are getting married? WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?

2. You become genuinely happy for the couple.

You even become happy for couples you weren't fans of before.

Ommmggggggg I hated your boyfriend, but I loooove your fiancé. Wait - they're the same person? But they've changed so much. 

Omgggggggggg I used to question their love for one another, especially because he/she cheated last month, but now I know it is sooooo real. #TrueLove

3. You feel all the feels from being part of the hierarchy that is your importance at the wedding.

Did you make the bridesmaid ranks? Are you high in the bridesmaid pecking order? Are you sitting close to the bride and groom? Are you at the reject table? Are you confused as to why you were even invited?

4. You start to notice the difference between wedding dresses.

They are not all the same white dress anymore...

5. You spend all your money and panic because you are now broke.

"Help me, I'm poor," said everyone who attended a wedding ever.

6. You become emotional literally all the time.

But, like, where did these emotions even come from? Because before you did not feel feels, except when Marissa died on "The OC." Oh, that was just me? Sry. But anyway, emotions for days. Everything just becomes so *beautiful.*

7. You decide you want to get married soon too.

You thought you were years away from wanting to get engaged, but now you are suddenly ready and rearing to go. Do you even have someone in your life that you want to (or even think you want to) marry? Probably not. But bring that person on because YOU IS READY FOR THE BIG SHOW.

8. You start asking all your un-engaged couple friends when they're going to get engaged.

If you're not going to get engaged any time soon, you decide other people need to get engaged instead. You need weddings to look forward to in the near future, so you start annoying your friends about their impending weddings. Like, literally, it's all you talk about, which is weird, because probably six months ago all you did was shit on weddings. BUT, LIKE, OPEN BARS.

9. You start lowering your expectations of an engagement ring... and a wedding... and a proposal... and a partner.

I meannnnn, you used to say you were waiting until you had enough money saved to secure a perfect significant other, a badass ring, and a baller wedding, but now you've realized that when you make more money, you spend more money, so if you want to wait until you're rich AF before you get engaged, you'll be waiting forever.

10. You start to understand why some people end up together that probably shouldn't.

Whether you've caught the "friend wedding" bug, or you realized that you're almost THIRTY, or both, you are now all about that wedding (and getting married before you turn into an old maid). After all, a perfect wedding is more important than a life of happiness, right?