10 Things That Happen When You're About to Graduate

That tassel comes with a lot of baggage.

1. You get nostalgic over everything.
It must be stated that everything you do you'll be doing for the "last time." That test was the "last test." When you walk across the quad, it's the "last time" and when you snag lunch in the dining hall, it'll be the "last time." Of course, this means that decision between having the salad or the pasta is a super important one. Choose wisely.

2. You document everything.
Since the world you live in is now coated in nostalgia, you will have to snap pics of everything. Your Instagram feed will be filled with photos commemorating these milestones. Underclassmen won't understand the pictures of your pile of notes as you cram for your last final, the classic last day of class pic with your book bag or the selfies you took with every person you ever met in college. But you'll know a lot of sentiment went into those captions.

3. You'll have a prepared speech about your "after grad" plans.
Everyone and their mother will ask you what your plans are -- whether you have them or not. Eventually, you'll basically have a script you can rattle off.

4. You will likely gain 5 pounds.
Graduating is stressful and if you learned anything in college, you learned that sometimes all you need is a good scoop of ice cream or slice of pizza to make you forget. If you're a real college MVP, you probably learned that alcohol does that X5. Alas, stress eating isn't exactly great for the figure.

5. Your social calendar will be busier than ever.
Remember that girl that always have to "pencil you in," you're now her. Everyone will want to grab dinner and drinks before you turn that tassel to the left.

6. You'll probably cry. Like ten times.
Between the stress of exams and the goodbyes, the waterworks will happen. A lot. Waterproof mascara will become a super important purchase.

7. You'll reminisce. About everything.
A chapter in your life is ending and a pretty good chapter at that. It deserves a reread.

8. Countdowns become the best and worst thing ever.
"Only three more days of class!" "Only three more exams!" "Only 5 more days of being a college student." "Only 2 more days until the real world".... Someone get me a drink.

9. You'll need a warning label for all of your mood swings.
If you've never had a panic attack before, now is probably the time you'll start. But you'll rally like a champ and party hard enough to forget you're graduating. Between the giant mood swings, people may think you're certifiable. It's ok; just tell them you're graduating. They'll understand.

10. Somehow you'll survive.
You'll swear you won't be able to make it to the end, question your major and everything that's lead up to this career path. But once you get that piece of paper, it will all be worth it and you'll live to see another day. Promise.