10 Things the Best Employers Are Doing Right

Some companies simply stand out above all others in the eyes on their employees. They've got everything a person could want in a workplace: career opportunities, compensation, benefits, work-life balance, strong leadership, and more.
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Some companies simply stand out above all others in the eyes on their employees. They've got everything a person could want in a workplace: career opportunities, compensation, benefits, work-life balance, strong leadership, and more.

Glassdoor recently released its list of the best places to work. The list is based entirely on employee feedback from the past year. The top 10 places range from well-known Internet corporations to public relations firms to fast food chains.

Here are 10 things you can learn from the employee reviews of the 10 best places to work:

1. Benefits like Facebook.One of the first things many reviewers mentioned they love about working for Facebook is the benefits. Specifically, Facebook gives employees free food. They also provide other perks like laundry and transportation services. Whether you're a large or small company, the little things definitely make a difference in employee morale. Show your employees you care with the benefits you provide.

2. Employee development like McKinsey & Company.A frequently mentioned item in the reviews of McKinsey & Company is employee development. Many employees talk about the constant opportunities to learn with training and coaching. Take a page out of this company's book by ensuring your employees are constantly growing and learning new skills. Mentors and training seminars can definitely help in this area.

3. Collaboration like Riverbed Technology.Employees at Riverbed Technology love the collaborative environment. A lot of teamwork goes into the culture at this company. Communication is very open, which helps with the collaboration. Implement methods into your company to allow more effective collaboration. This can be accomplished with clear goals, consistent messaging, and trusting your employees.

4. Friendly people like Bain & Company.Through all of the reviews of Bain & Company, the thing most employees talk about is the people. These employees consistently describe their co-workers as friendly, caring, and bright. Obviously, the time to implement this idea into your company is during the hiring process. While skills are important, remember to hire people who will mesh well into your company culture.

5. Work-life balance like M. D. Anderson Cancer Center.Aside from patient care, one of the most appreciated perks at M. D. Anderson Cancer Center is the work-life balance. This comes as no surprise because, according to a recent study, of all industries surveyed, work-life balance is most important for health care applicants. Give your employees the benefit of balance by offering flexible schedules and focusing on efficiency.

6. Compensation like Google.While we all can't pay our employees like Google, it's important to note how much Google's employees value their pay. Employees are paid well and receive great pay-increases. "My total compensation this year will be 2.5 times what I received at my previous employer, two years ago as a software engineer," said one reviewer. Even if you can't pay your employees as much as Google, it's important to provide them with competitive compensation with the potential for growth.

7. Strong network like Edelman.Edelman is the largest public relations firm in the world. As a result, it has an extremely wide network of employees. This allows for a very large and diverse group of people. Many employees really value the scale of the Edelman network. Find ways to expand the reach of your company. It may not be on a global scale, but a wider network can really strengthen your company culture.

8. Smart people like National Instruments.While some employees focus on the friendly people they get to work with, those at National Instruments really value smart co-workers. They appreciate an environment full of intelligence. Again, it's all about company culture. If your employees value intellect, be sure to keep hiring smart people.

9. Fast pace like In-N-Out Burger.Many employees love the fast-paced work at In-N-Out Burger, which makes sense for a fast food restaurant. A fast pace makes the time go by quickly, and who doesn't appreciate that? There are lots of little things you can do to give your workplace a faster pace. Efficiency and collaboration play a big role.

10. Accessible executives like Boston Consulting Group.Finally, employees at Boston Consulting Group really value the accessibility of their executives. When a workplace has accessible executives, employees feel more appreciated. You can make your executives more accessible to lower-level employees through regular interaction. Executives can have specific times throughout the week dedicated to talking with employees. People just want to feel valuable, so having executives who do this is a great morale booster.

If you focus on any one of these tips, you're already off to a better place. There are plenty of reasons why these companies are ranked best. Use the words of their employees to make your company the best place to work.

What have you learned from these companies that you can implement into your workplace?

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