10 Teen Things to do in NYC

The Beast
The Beast

I had the best time researching for this post! I recently had the pleasure of taking six teenagers around NYC in a 2017 Cadillac Escalade for the weekend. I highly recommend the Escalade for a group of teens! We lounged and rocked out in divine comfort as we cruised the city streets in style, set out on an adventure to find the most fun things to do in the Big Apple! Here is what we discovered…

1. Blue Man Group

This is one of the best shows for teens! It is interactive and crazy. There is a lot going on and teens don’t get bored! Make sure to get seats in the Poncho Zone near the front . You never know what might come flying your way. The theater is downtown which appeals to the younger scene!

2. The Beast

This boat ride is amazing and exhilarating! The boat blasts music while soaring over the water en route to the Statue of Liberty. Make sure to sit in the back like we did if you want to get wet. This 30-minute thrill ride is very cool.

3. Bushwick Collective

Skip the MET and let your teens run around the streets of Bushwick (Brooklyn). Most teens are all about photo opps so the Bushwick Collective is the place to go. They can experience some of the most famous street art anywhere.

4. Hard Rock Cafe

Located in Times Square, this is the ideal restaurant for teens. It is, of course, filled with music and memorabilia. There is other cool stuff like an amazing wall of Gibson guitars. The music is always blasting and the burgers are to die for.

5. Ripley’s Believe It or Not

After dinner at the Hard Rock in Times Square, you can head over to Ripley’s Believe it or Not! Teens will love the Cheeto room, the 2-headed animals and other rare and mind-blowing artifacts!

6. Central Park

With this group of kids, one day we all grabbed a bagged lunch and headed over to the Great Lawn at Central Park. The gang laid down blankets, threw footballs and strummed guitars. The city views were amazing.

7. Pinkberry

Froyo is where it is at and Pinkberry is the best of the best! We enjoyed stopping here after an afternoon in the park. You gotta grab a tart froyo with mango the next time you are there!

8. Mission Escape Games

If you are with a gang of teens and want to do some team building, what better thing to do than lock them all in a room together. You aren’t getting out without the secret code!

9. Dylan’s Candy Bar

You are never too old or too cool for candy. Dylan’s is an amazing candy store with levels of oozing chocolate and pounds of gummy bears. Everyone got buckets and filled them with their favorite sweets!

10. Freedom Tower

The tower is the building that replaced the Twin Towers. Everyone should see and experience it! It is especially exhilarating for kids and teens. The elevator ride is riveting. The views are stunning….

This was an amazing weekend filled with so much fun! These kids are forever bound by their NYC experience. I have to give a shout out to the Midtown Hilton, definitely a perfect place to host teens. It is in a very safe area and close to everything (especially Times Square). Everyone had Executive Lounge passes so at most hours of the day they had access to food and drink. Plus, we can’t forget the view from the room – breathtaking!

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