10 Things To Do On Your Phone While Breastfeeding That Aren't Endlessly Scrolling Through Facebook

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I don’t know about you, mama, but I tend to be a lazy breastfeeder. I’ve never tried to wear my baby and breastfeed him while running after toddlers at the park. Nope! I like to find a quiet, comfy chair, get out my phone and scroll scroll scroll.

It can get tedious after a while, I admit. Especially after I’ve seen every post twice and Facebook has to show me stuff from yesterday (yesterday!) because I’ve run out of posts from today.

So in honor of scrolling boredom, here is a list of things you can do on your phone instead of scrolling through Facebook while you breastfeed. Some are just a tad bit different and none are on the overachiever mom level. I wanted to be sure to give you bored mamas lots of options.

Things To Do On Your Phone While Breastfeeding

Check your horoscope -- I admit, I love checking my horoscope. Even if you don't really believe in it, it's still fun to see what may or may not happen tomorrow or the next day.

Balance your checking account -- Maybe you've been neglecting your bank account since you've had your baby. Take a few minutes to log into your bank account and make sure the charges are all legit.

Check your email -- I get a ton of junk mail in the middle of the night. It's a great time to unsubscribe to the unnecessary.

Write a journal -- Download a free journal app, or just use Evernote, and write down all your thoughts about life and your new baby. When you re-read your journal in a year, you will be absolutely amazed and probably a little teary eyed at all the thoughts flowing through your head.

Watch TV -- Hello Netflix, so glad you're here on my phone. The middle of the night breastfeeding sessions are the perfect time to re-watch old favorites and find a few new ones. Series are the best because you can watch an episode during a feeding. My favorites are "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" and "Parenthood."

Make a to do list -- As a new mom you have a million things you need to do when the baby is done eating. Cleaning, cooking, laundry, bills, spending time with your significant other and other children. Make a list of all the things you need to do later.

Need to upgrade your To Do List? Check out the “Get it together, girl!” Planner, available for a limited time.

Pin things on Pinterest -- Isn't it fun to look at all the amazing recipes you'll probably never cook and the super cute crafts that never turn out like they should? Pin a ton of those and keep dreaming.

Look at pictures of your baby - You know you take a ton. Delete the bad ones since you probably won't before you upload them to your computer and keep them forever. You can even post a few to Facebook because everyone wants to see pictures of your baby right?

Move on to Instagram - When Facebook starts to get boring, you can always scroll through Instagram for a while to break up the time.

Visit a Mom forum - Sit back and watch the drama unfold on some of those mom forums. You can either lurk in the background or join in on the fun.

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