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10 Things to Do in Dubai This Easter

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Dubai is one amazing city that I always dreamt of visiting even before I went there. The beautiful city of Dubai boasts of its luxurious tourist centres and other mind-blowing places that can literally take your breath away. Starting from the airport, the gigantic yet charming gold highlights immediately draw your attention as you anticipate the wonders of the entire city.

The entire UAE economy has drastically transformed over the years. With massive infrastructure invested in some of the major cities, there's no doubt that the economy is headed towards creating epic structures and world-class attractions that will remain legendary.

Visiting Dubai was a great experience for me, despite the fact that I was there for medical check up. Being in such a vibrant and attractive city gave me a soothing feeling and hope for a brighter future.

In fact, while planning a trip to a city like Dubai, it's very important that you research immensely and have a list of places you'll like to visit. I visited with my family, so we took out time to ask questions from some friends, did some research on informative online platforms about places to visit in Dubai, contacted a tour guide in advance and got some tips on transportation, restaurants and other adventures.

Indeed Dubai is home to a multitude of exciting adventures, especially during memorable holidays like Easter. Here are ten things that I highly recommend you do in Dubai during the Easter holidays.

1. Go Shopping: Visit the Malls



Shopping in Dubai is more than your regular walk in the mall; it's an entire experience. Dubai is well known for its gargantuan and exotic malls, including the Mall of Emirates which has an indoor ski slope with real snow; Wafi mall, home of reputable world class brands like Chanel; Dubai Mall, and Souk Madinat Jumeirah, just to mention a few.

The entire experience of shopping in malls in Dubai beats that of New York and Miami. While some might argue because of the high prices of items in Dubai malls, even a mere window shopping experience will make your stay worth the while.

2. Explore the Famous Towers: Burj Al Arab & Burj Khalifa


Burj Al Arab (meaning the Arabian Tower) is the world's only seven-star hotel, the tallest and most luxurious hotel in the world, flaunting its iconic construction. The minimalist structure of the hotel allows the complex architecture and delightful interior decorations speak for itself. From enjoying the underwater seafood restaurant, the aquarium, the Skyview Bar and simply basking in the eye candy exuberant views; the awesomeness of Burj Al Arab speaks volumes. For those with no entry to the hotel, there are numerous opportunities to capture breathtaking pictures close to the hotel, which has a beach next to it.

The Burj Khalifa is another wonderful tourist area. Its architecture and cutting-edge design makes you turn heads even when you try to ignore its splendour. The entire vicinity gives you access to the metropolitan area of Dubai including transportation and some of the hottest hangout spots. No wonder it takes its stand as the tallest building in the world.

3. Explore Exquisite and Cultural Restaurants


Food is a universal language everyone speaks. Dubai offers a wide variety of restaurants from exquisite to cultural foods that immediately make you connect with your tradition, even in a foreign land. Despite my love for top notch restaurant experiences, I took out time to explore some traditional African, Iranian and Chinese dishes, which definitely created a 'yummy' memorable experience.

4. Visit the Dubai Marina

The Dubai Marina is a place every single tourist should visit. The entire landscape is home to some of the newest and fascinating buildings and attractions in Dubai. There's this luxury feeling that envelopes you as you go through the malls, restaurants, beaches or simply look at the dramatic skyscrapers and residential apartments. In fact, the entire Dubai Marina will make you feel like moving to Dubai.

5. Go on a Boat Cruise and Helicopter Tour


There are so many options for boat rides in Dubai. My favourite was experiencing the sunset cruising in the Atlantis, The Palm, which allows you to bask in the serene vibe of the Arabian sea while gazing upon Dubai's famous landmarks. The spectacular sight of the sun is simply unforgettable. I also enjoyed taking pictures around Atlantis, The Palm monumental vicinity.

Helicopter tours around sceneries like Dubai are stunning and breathtaking. If you get an opportunity to go on one, maximize your time by enjoying the glamorous view and taking pictures. Depending on the package you choose, you'll be able to fly across places like Burj Khalifa, the palm Jumeirah, Dubai Creek Golf Course and more.

6. Visit the Global Village


If you're looking for your all in one fun spot, the global village will satisfy your cravings. From stage shows, concerts, amusement parks, unforgettable fireworks shows, shopping to dinning; the global village is definitely a perfect place for families to have fun during Easter and other holiday seasons. I specifically recommend the amusement park which has all sorts of amazing rides for children, adults and families.

7. Visit the Wild Wadi WaterPark

The Wild Wadi Water Park was a great experience. From seeing different groups and families playing fun fames, going on rides, eating and interacting; it gives you a sense of belonging and creates a fun yet safe environment for people with different needs. This particular park is close to the Burj Al Arab, so that gives you an opportunity to visit two fun places within the same period.

8. Visit the Gold Souk Market



Everyone loves a little sparkle right,? The gold souk market is your go-to place to get jewellery of all kinds, from bracelets, rings, necklaces and more. The market stalls offer variety and you can definitely find items for family members, friends and partners. The varieties dished out by various retailers makes you feel like putting a dent on your ATM card.

9. Visit the Dubai Zoo




Located close to the Jumeirah Shopping Center, the Dubai zoo is another tourist attraction that brings in hundreds of people daily. Some of the animals include lions, jaguars, chimpanzees, giraffes, deer's, ostriches, parrots and numerous other animals you most likely have never heard of. It was fascinating watching some of these animals and how they each respond differently to their environment and the strange faces of people all around them. Just like most zoos, it's advisable to adhere to all safety measures and also dress appropriately.

10. Explore the Dubai Desert Safari

No trip is complete without exploring the Dubai deserts. One of the most popular ways to enjoy the deserts in Dubai is by safari. Morning safaris are ideal for people with busy tour schedules, but evening safari tours create a better experience with activities to watch like belly dancing and other experiences like desert camping, if you have enough time.

My Dubai experience was a memorable one. I couldn't stop talking about my trip and encourage others to visit; in fact I can't wait to visit Dubai again. Honestly, no Dubai trip is complete without going sightseeing and basking in the awesome wonders of the great city. It's best to get a tour guide that truly understands the city and can negotiate well on taxi fares to make your tours less expensive.

Sometimes, it gets tiring following the same old routines especially with work and handling projects. It pays to take some time off to detox and rebuild your creative energy. According to USNews, April is one of the best times to visit Dubai, so as you read this, you're definitely on time to get some really good deals for your Dubai trip.