10 Things to Do When You Are Bored

I started thinking last night, and thought, heck, why on earth don't I throw up a post that will help with daily boredom! I used to get bored all the time, before kids. Now? Not-so-much. But, in the past, the suggestions I have listed below, really would have helped me out of that boredom I was experiencing.


10 Things To Do When You Are Bored

Here We Go...

1. Peek into a mirror and shyly look away, IMMEDIATELY look again and pretend you don't see anything.

2. Capture your taco bell results in a jar and seal it up to enjoy at a later date.

3. Rummage through the neighbor's garbage, find a rancid object, and obediently bring it back to the neighbors and hand it to them.

4. Falsely accuse a stranger of passing gas.

5. Emerge from a deep sleep only to stagger aimlessly into a closet and swiftly close that door tight.

6. When no one is looking, slide on your floor slowly and discretely.

7. Do your hair, makeup (if you are a woman, or man I suppose...) and get into your best outfit, then immediately go take a warm shower.

8. Make faces at yourself in a mirror, then suddenly startle yourself with a quick slap to your cheek.

9. Happily slap your right thigh until it is an angry red color. Cover it up with makeup... then do it again...

10. Take a random friend out to lunch, tell them it is on you. When the bill comes, leave... quickly.

I hope that some of these you will find useful, for when you are feeling that boredom bug.

I totally went out on a limb, here, so throw me a bone... What do you do when you are bored? Have any tips or suggestions that I failed to cover? Visit my blog, Shop with Me Mama and let me know!