10 Things to Do When You're Miserably Successful

10 Things to Do When You're Miserably Successful
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You made it: You set a ca-razy cool goal and you reached it!

But now the woohoo is wearing off and that nagging there’s-gotta-be-more-than-this feeling is taking its place.

You tell yourself, “I have every reason to be happy, so why do I feel this way?!”

Luckily, you have both the answer and the solution to that question.

Here are 10 strategies to help you remember what you already know and finally break the cycle of never-enough.

1. STOP. Drop everything you’re doing. Take a TIMEOUT. Whatever you need--a moment, an hour, a day--just be with yourself. Yep, that’s right, do absolutely nothing. As a recovering overachiever, I know how hard that is… but it’s also the first step out of the vortex of never-enough.

2. BREATHE. How are you breathing right now? Can you take some deep belly breaths? If that’s too much, can you simply slow it down? Notice what your breath is like when you’re off and also when you’re on. Deep breathing is the coolest and fastest built-in RESET button. So if you want to get and stay out of this funk, use it. Every day.

3. LISTEN. Stay with the “not-quite-right” feeling. What’s it telling you? Have you been using work, food, or [insert your fav distraction] to numb that call? We’re not trained to listen, especially to that All-Knowing voice within. So be patient-- it might take a bit to hear what’s nagging your soul. Stick with it. You do know.

4. IMAGINE. After deep listening, it’s time to imagine--IMAGE-IN--what you really feel called to right now. Get out the pens, magazines, markers, star stickers, glue, Pinterest… whatever does it for you! Give yourself permission to go back to being a kid, to tap into what you know is already there, waiting for you.

5. FOCUS. Follow One Course Until Successful. Look at what you’ve imagined (step #4), and determine what’s most important to you right now. Maybe it’s taking time off to hang with your lil’ one. Or a personal project you’ve been putting off… Whatever it is: IT’S TIME. Don’t let all the things you can choose get in the way of what you know you must.

6. CREATE. What 1-2 actions could you take today to move in the direction of your FOCUS? When I had an over-full-time corporate gig, I dreamed of starting a blog. I didn’t even really know what a blog was at the time. But I used my lunch breaks and late evenings to find out and to simply start writing. What daily action can you take in the direction of your dreams?

7. CONNECT. Who can help you and who can you help with what you’re creating? When you connect to your deepest desires, you’ll also start connecting with the people and circumstances that steadily bring them to life. Keep your focus on serving others and watch the magic of true connection unfold.

8. SHARE. Talk about what you’re creating and how you’re connecting. It’s time to use social media--and all the other ways we can instantly share--to tell your story in as real and raw a way possible. Pick a platform (preferably only one) to start. I personally really like Instagram, because I feel like it’s more storytelling than void-shouting. What do you like? Start there.

9. CELEBRATE. When’s the last time you celebrated yourself? If you’re miserably successful, I’m guessing (almost) never. One of my favorite ways to celebrate is to turn the music up and dance! What does celebration look like to you? Gift yourself a bath, or a walk in the park, or--if you wanna get real fancy--a weekend away! You are so BEYOND worth it.

10. START OVER. Use these 10 steps to constantly reconnect with what’s most important to you, to fearlessly walk in the direction of your heart’s dreams.

You’ve got this!

PS- In the comments below, I’d love to know what strategies you use when you’re feeling “off”.

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