10 Things You Can Do Today To Overcome Self-Doubt

It can be hard to quiet that little voice in your head that talks you into giving into the negativity and self-doubt, but it doesn't have to be impossible.
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freedom concept, woman with arms raised in sunset field.
freedom concept, woman with arms raised in sunset field.

Everyone has times in their life when they feel inadequate and emotionally drained, but some of us feel that way more often than others. Many of us tend to focus on the negative events and unfortunate situations that have taken place throughout the day. After all, those pesky, negative circumstances are the ones that tug on our nerves more so than the happy moments, aren't they? It can be hard to quiet that little voice in your head that talks you into giving into the negativity and self-doubt, but it doesn't have to be impossible.

So, how do you turn things around and stop your inner critic from getting louder and standing in the way of your dreams? These tactics will help you do just that. If you apply these disciplines everyday, your mindset is sure to get a makeover. Shift your mindset and you can (and will) conquer your self-doubt - leading you to being a much happier, confident you!

1. Let go of negative self criticism.
Ignore the voice in your head that says you're going to fail or that you're not good enough. If you stop listening, it will get quieter and eventually disappear. Easier said than done, I know. One tip for successfully going about this, is to flip a negative statement into a positive. It takes practice, but it does work.

2. Don't believe what others say about you.
Most of our self-doubt stems from things others have said or the way other people have made us feel. Stay true to your character and don't let anyone bring you down. Know your strengths and don't be afraid to showcase them. Be your authentic self and the positive people who are meant to be in your life, will show up for you. You've probably heard that what other people think or say about you actually has nothing to do with you. Believe it. People form opinions of other people based on their own values, strengths, limitations, etc. The way they see you is their own perception, and perception is not fact.

3. Reclaim your life by believing in your goals.
It can be easy to lose sight of our goals and wishes when we're feeling down and out. Make a commitment to yourself to stay focused on the outcome you want. If you firmly believe in your goals, you can be unstoppable. One helpful technique for staying committed to your goals is to write them out somewhere you can see them everyday. I like to make my goals the wallpaper on my laptop. Every time I open my laptop, there they are. It's a nice, friendly reminder to stay focused.

4. Get busy in nature.
This probably isn't what you're thinking. This is about being physically active outside in creative ways. Find the motivation to get out and enjoy nature in ways that will challenge you. If you've never gone on a hike, hike. If you've never been sailing, sail. If you've never been skiing, ski. You get the point. Prove to yourself that you can do things out of your norm. This is an amazing way to build your confidence and conquer self-doubt.

5. Surround yourself with supportive people who believe in you.
This doesn't need much explanation, but if you're feeling like you don't have a strong support network, this can be discouraging. Your support system doesn't have to be made up of many people, just one person is perfect. Find that person and share your goals with them. Share your highs, your lows and everything in between. Make a stronger connection. The internet can be a crazy place, but it is also extremely powerful and positive for people who desire to make personal connections with others. If you feel like you'd love to join a community, but don't even know where to begin, join me in a private online community of strong, inspirational women here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/empowermentlounge/

6. Prepare yourself and do your best.
Taking the necessary steps to be prepared for certain things throughout your day will make a huge difference in the way you feel. Most people would agree that when they're prepared for things, they feel more confident. If you feel more confident, your self-worth will improve. If your self-worth improves, your self-doubt minimizes. It's all connected. Start at step one. The rest will come easier than you think.

7. Set small, attainable goals...and then crush them!
It's all about baby steps and small successes. Setting small goals each day will help you get to your long-term, larger goal much quicker than trying to do it all at once. Keep your goals realistic so you can meet them when you hope to. This will help you conquer any doubts you have about your ability to make things happen. The most important part? Don't forget to celebrate your wins and accomplishments.

8. Revel in your successes - big & small.
Refrain from thinking you don't deserve to be happy or that you'll never succeed. If anything, you certainly deserve a reward for working on yourself. You deserve to be acknowledged for your hard work and making the commitment to turn things around in your life. Celebrate each time you take a step toward the outcome you wish for. Sometimes you have to be your own biggest cheerleader.

9. Get professional support.
Drop the idea that there is a stigma attached to people that see a therapist, a mentor, a coach, a consultant, etc. Gone are the days where the majority of society attaches a stigma to people seeking support and counseling. If your self-doubt stems from deep rooted childhood traumas, you'll want to seek professional support to work through any trauma, fears or underlying emotional blocks that you may not realize exist. You owe it to yourself to be at your best. Always.

10. Take care of yourself.
Eat, sleep and be merry. Your daily habits have a whole lot to do with your overall well-being and the way you feel about yourself. If you eat and sleep well, chances are you will be better prepared and motivated to tackle your goals. Self-care is nonnegotiable. Do something nice for yourself every single day. Schedule in some much needed "you time", get plenty of sleep, change your eating habits to be healthier and clean...and be on your way to feeling like your best self again.

Start applying these disciplines today, and you'll soon find that there are endless ways to conquer your self-doubt. And remember: If there's something you want to pursue in life, go after it with all you've got. Feel confident that success will be yours!

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