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10 things you didn't know about newsman Ayman Mohyeldin

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10 With Tom
10 questions in 10 minutes

Ayman Mohyeldin is one of my favorites at MSNBC. I love saying his name, but even more than that, he is an excellent newsman, whether he is traveling the world or anchoring behind the desk. I had a chance to ask Ayman the 10 With Tom questions, here they are:

TOM: You travel a lot, how many miles do you think you've gone this year?
AYMAN: I think I've made it around the world at least twice so far.

TOM: Favorite location to visit?
AYMAN: With all the traveling I do... Home is my favorite location to visit.

TOM: You must have some airport or travel secrets?
AYMAN: I could make millions with the travel secrets I've learned. How much are you willing to pay? I can get you through any airport pretty easily...wait, is TSA going to read this?

TOM: Do you prefer anchoring the news or being out in the field reporting?
AYMAN: My heart will always be in the field. But anchoring is a mental challenge as well. They both have advantages and disadvantages. I am a huge foodie, so field food was not good on my waistline. I pretty much ate my way through life when I was field reporting.

TOM: Favorite season. And why?
AYMAN: Summer. More reasons to be lazy.

TOM: Do you believe in Bigfoot?

TOM: I really thought he would.

TOM: What song would you sing for your American Idol audition?
AYMAN: No Sleep Till Brooklyn

TOM: What did you have for breakfast today?
AYMAN: Iced Coffee and a cheese Man'ousha (google it and thank me later).

TOM: What's something you always wanted to do as a child but never got to do?
AYMAN: Go to band camp.

TOM: What are two things you would do if you woke up to find yourself completely invisible?
AYMAN: I would sit in on a few high level meetings at the Oval office between world leaders specially some specific country leaders. And I would definitely crash the finals of the World Cup.

Thanks, Ayman! Good sport.

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