10 things you didn't know about Willie Geist

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10 With Tom
10 questions in 10 minutes

Willie Geist, shown here, is one of my favorite newsmen, he's serious when he has to be a lots of fun when doing light interviews. I've watched him for years on Morning Joe and in the past few years on the Today Show. Now he has his own thing going on Sunday mornings, yet I still see him filling in for Matt Lauer on Today and he's still on Morning Joe. Busy guy.

I had the chance to ask him the 10 With Tom questions here:

TOM: You are the host of NBC News' Sunday TODAY with Willie Geist which debuted in April. What has the experience of launching your own show been like?
WILLIE: It's been great. Sunday morning gives us more time with the viewer who's not rushing to work or school. Longer interviews and deeper dives. I love it. Only detail I missed when I agreed to do the show is that Sunday TODAY is on Sundays. Which means I work Sundays now too.

TOM: You also co-host MSNBC's Morning Joe. What are some challenges you face during interviews being that we're in an election year?
WILLIE: The challenge, and our job, always is to separate the truth from what the campaigns want the public to hear.

TOM: Your favorite neighborhood in New York City
WILLIE: I live on the Upper West Side, so home is my favorite neighborhood, but I love the West Village.

TOM: Do you walk to work (30 Rock)?
WILLIE: It's a little far. I'm a 1 Train guy.

TOM: You seem to enjoy hosting parties at your place and I've seen pictures of Brooke Shields in costume. How did you meet Brooke? You seem like a miss-matched pair?
WILLIE: We do enjoy a party. In fact, my head hurts at this very moment from one we hosted over the weekend. I met Brooke on the Today Show years ago and it immediately was a brother-sister thing. She's the coolest. Plus, we can relate because we're both American icons who spent our childhoods at Studio 54 with Liza and Andy.

TOM: What did tv show did you last binge watch?
WILLIE: Narcos. Starting Season Two now. The show has inspired me to build my own prison if and when I'm ever be convicted of running an international crime syndicate.

TOM: Who is the most famous person you have ever met?
WILLIE: President Barack Obama. Mick Jagger is right up there. LeBron James too.

TOM: I know you're a big Housewives fan. What would be your opening tag line if you were one?
WILLIE: Dirty little secret: I usually count on Andy Cohen to brief me on the Housewives before a Watch What Happens Live appearance. My tag line would be: "I will get drunk and fight you at a New Jersey baby christening."

TOM: Who would you like to spend the day with - Ramona, Countess Luann or Sonja. It can only be one.
WILLIE: Do I have to spend a whole day? Let's go half-day with Ramona, because I don't have enough friends who crush Pinot Grigio for breakfast.

TOM: Superman or Batman?
WILLIE: Superman. Being a shadowy billionaire is easy. I like the superhero who has to meet a deadline on the metro desk before saving the world from General Zod.

Thanks, Willie. You are a friend in my head. I've seen you more than once outside the Today Show, but only looked, didn't stalk! :)

Willie is one of the great personalities in Tom Falco's 10 With Tom series.

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