10 Things You Didn't Know About the Hero/Heroine's Journey

10 Things You Didn't Know About the Hero/Heroine's Journey
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As new budding creative entrepreneurs we actually choose to take the Hero/Heroine's Journey. Our life's work is our business. And it is through our work that we get to experience our personal development, our strengths, our limitations and the barriers that we must break through if we are to make a difference in this world.

Here are 10 things you may not know about the experience, the journey, that you have before you. It's not to scare you, it's to give you the strength to know that you are enough. That you are everything that the world needs right now. The more that you believe in the truth of all that you are, then it will be done. Let's begin.

1. It's Tough. It takes guts to get out there and represent yourself. In the beginning that is all we have. What we know. Other's may not understand us, or know us, but it amy take all our might to show up and be the man/woman that needs to speak her truth and share it with the world. It takes a mighty individual to stop the fear that comes up and challenge it with all your force. Just step through it. It is not real. You can do it!

2. When You Least Expect It The Opportunity Will Come. Just keep moving forward. It just takes time. But time can be collapsed when you begin to see and note the things that are occurring around you for your purpose. The opportunities are right in front of you. Reach out and grab them. You must be open to receiving them now.

3. The Potential Is Within You. We search, and search for the next thing that will take us to the next level in our journey/business/life. The next level is within us. It is by stretching what it is that we believe about ourselves. It's about letting go of the old beliefs that we have held onto throughout the years. It's about choosing the new in each and every moment. It's not about regurgitating the past in this moment. It's about being in the moment and also questioning what is possible with all that I have and more? It's about providing the answers that speak to the Truth, speak to the vision for our lives.

4. It Gets Hard. (We said that already, right? Believe me, it's worth saying it again!) It's a struggle, no one said it would be easy. It is here that we do the most growth. But the outcome is magnificent. There is no denying this. The stories are the struggles that help us connect to all. It is through our struggles that we also learn what others are going through. It is through this struggle that we become more. Don't judge it. It's just training for more. More that you can offer this world.

5. The Beauty Gets Greater. What do I mean by this? Your life becomes a vision in action. You are no longer dreaming of a possibility, you are in the trenches, you're living the journey. It is always within the journey that we learn who we are. We appreciate and become one with the knowledge that we are entwined and one with life. What you do, affects your desires. The very outcomes are because of what you are putting into this world. Are you stepping out and moving this world, or are you playing small? The beauty comes when you see that lLife is mirroring where you are at right now. Be more and you will be given more. It's that beautiful. It is Done.

6. The Journey Is Your Life. You are one with this world. You have been on a journey since your life has unfolded, but now we choose it. We choose to be a co-creator of Life, of all that you dream of. You have been given desires for you to explore through life. You have been given the people that will awaken this within you. It is not always an angel that will come in and hand you your dreams. It comes through people that may make you think about what it is that you really want. It is about situations that may not make you feel that great, but have made you choose more. Or are you still in the trenches, awaiting an angel to appear? You are your very own angel, you get to choose what you will become. Choose more for yourself, and you will get more too. Life is precious like that! It is Done.

7. The Good, The Bad, It's All There For You. Every part of this journey is here to serve you. As an entrepreneur you will see that this Universe is directed by the Law of Cause and Effect. It is prevalent to everything you do. Every task is seen by the Universe. Every thought is beamed back to you. If something is awesome, that's great, and if it's not, then what can you adjust? What can you do or be more in? Your journey is always there reflecting back to you exactly what it is that you need right now. The money not coming in? The clients are scarce? Where can you get out there and be in front of your ideal market? Your tribe can't see you if you do not see them. It is Done. In One, In All, In Love.

8. The Journey Need Not Be Hard. What? Now you tell me? It is only ever as hard as we make it. We have the power to see everything with Light. The more we get to know ourselves, our potential, our possibilities and leave the rest behind, which are our limitations, our thoughts that are keeping us stuck, Then the less we need to struggle where we are. The quicker we learn the lessons, the faster we move through situations. When you see the Truth in a situation, that is when you have released from the "story" that forever keeps you stuck. It is Done.

9. The Power Is Always Within You. When you reach the point where you think, I'm done, I'm not making it. You can! You can give it that one more. That one more talk that someone will see, that one more post that someone will read, that one more book proposal that will now be accepted. What is your one more? You have the power to create everything you desire, and you have it within you to give what you were created here to Be. It's all within you. You have to ride that energy of inspiration when it hits. The ideas come from God, and it is given to you with more energy, more excitement, and more belief that if you desire it and take action on it, it's yours. It's really yours to reap. It is Done.

10. You Are Destined To Win. Everything is backing you. Everything is wanting you to win. Why? Because God, Your Creator, The Universe, Your Highest Self and Mother Earth are all wanting you to succeed. Only with you, does our world change. Only you can make the difference that we all want and need in this world. Only you get to spread the love, peace and knowledge that is yours to share. Your journey is here to touch others the way only you know how. Your days have been dealt. You make the choices, the sooner you get to the realization that you are All. That everything is flowing in and through you, and that what you do matters. The sooner this world is moved to a greater realization of itself. Be in the journey. You are the Hero/Heroine that we are all awaiting on. This world is waiting on you.
It is Done.

Maria Portas.

Maria is passionate about empowering women to live their greatest lives and heal this world through their work. Her website is www.MariaPortas.com
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