10 Things You Didn't Know About Designer Riccardo Tisci

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Current Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci might only be awaiting a formal announcement before he takes the reigns at Dior for the dramatically deposed John Galliano -- although nothing's been confirmed. When the speculation reached fever pitch last night through social media sites, some voiced their approval, some noted that the new head of design's aesthetic wasn't quite for them, and others--perhaps you--were left scratching their heads whispering to themselves, "Riccardo Whosci". So, if you need a primer on this young designer or just a refresher course on the man who is moving from one of fashion's most storied brands to another, here are ten things you probably didn't know about Riccardo Tisci.

10. While perhaps not the most traditional of Italian Catholics, Tisci is very tied to the religion and uses it in his work. About his fall '11 men's collection for Givenchy he said, "Religion is a big part of my DNA and this collection was about my Catholic(ism)."

9. Again, as a non-traditional Italian Catholic, he likes to blast Iron Maiden in the studio. Rock on!

8. This isn't the first time he's taken over a storied label once run by his fellow Central Saint Martin's alum John Galliano, who was himself the designer for a Givenchy for a brief, troubled period from 1995 to 1996.

7. Speaking of Givenchy, despite his eventual massive success there, he wasn't the label's first choice to replace departing creative director in 2005 when the mens' line, run by Alexander McQueen, and the womens' line, helmed by Julian McDonald, were placed into one studio. Though executives claim otherwise, it is widely acknowledged that Zac Posen, Sophia Kokosalaki, Giles Deacon, Richard Chai, Alber Elbaz, and Roland Mouret were all interviewed and offered the position before Tisci

6. Tisci has played the role of guest magazine editor twice, curating Visionaire's "Religion" issue, which is going on sale this june, and editing an issue of A Magazine in 2008.

5. Tisci is used to being in studios or backstages surrounded by with busy, bustling women thanks to being brought up in a Southern Italian home with eight sisters!

4. You might call his aesthetic "dark" or "gothy", but don't do it in front of him. He hates that. Go for "romantic" instead.

3. He's been noted for having downbeat runway shows and has more than once stated that he's not so sure the catwalk is the best place to see clothing. Wonder what that means for the next season of Dior couture?

2. Back when superstar transsexual model Lea T. was known as "Leo", he/she was also Tisci's personal assistant and fit model.

1. It's pronounced "Tishee," not "TEE-She," or "Tisk-ee." Get it right, people.