10 Things You May Not Have Known About John Hodgman

We all know Mr. Hodgman as the PC to Justin Long's Mac,'s Resident Expert and the mean jerk who was always trying to bring Jonathan Ames down in.
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When John Hodgman walked onto the set of Geeking Out, I was in the middle of pumping myself up for our interview. As he stood in the doorway, unbeknownst to me, I marched back and forth across the room while punching my fists in the air and chanting "Hodge-hodge-hodge-hodge-hodge-hodgehodgehodgehodegehodge-HODGMAN!" like a 15 year-old cheerleader.

Totally not an uncomfortable way to start the interview.

We all know Mr. Hodgman as the PC to Justin Long's Mac, The Daily Show's Resident Expert and the mean jerk who was always trying to bring Jonathan Ames down in Bored to Death.

The following are 10 new things that I learned about John Hodgman during our recent interview:

1. If he truly believes in a cause, he'll sign the petition in blood.

2. He blushes if you say, "shuttlecock."

3. Prior to shooting the episode, John Hodgman's handlers provided me with a list of his dressing room requirements, which included a bowl of Skittles with the removal of all colors that appear in a standard rainbow, and a ball pit filled with gold krugerrands for Mr. Hodgman to dive into and swim around in (he's a big fan of Duck Tales).

4. He also geeks out on celebrities.

5. When he roasted President Obama at the 2009 Radio and Television Correspondents' dinner, his head was "full of blood and panic."

6. During a break in the shoot, John Hodgman leaned over and, in a soft whisper, revealed that he is really just Daniel Day-Lewis wearing a mustache in what the Academy Award-winning actor describes as, "One of those Joaquin Phoenix performance piece things, but way better."

7. In the '90s, he wanted to write an erotic thriller called Trumors (tag line: "When the rumors are true, they're trumors.")

8. He's really good at helping people endorse brands based on their interests (see: Kerri's Golden Girls End-of-Episode Cheesecake)

9. The facts in his trilogy of Complete World Knowledge are not true facts (my inability to realize this got me into hot water on a recent trip to Paris. I was in the midst of reading a section of the third book, That Is All, called "Some Surprising Customs From Around the World." I came across the following helpful tip: "You can bring a monkey into a restaurant in France if you explain it is your WITCH-DAUGHTER." Needless to say, I'm not welcome back to L'Astrance anytime soon, nor did I receive my refund from the Paris Monkey Rental Institution once they learned that their prized spider monkey had been insulted by the maître de at a three star Michelin restaurant.)

10. OK, fine. Only some of these facts are true. The ones that are will show themselves in this episode and corresponding video extras. The rest, however, are frumors. ("When the trumors are false, they're frumors.")

Kerri Doherty is the creator and host of a brand new show on Official Comedy called Geeking Out -- a fanatic and often awkward celebrity interview series hosted by everyone's #1 FAN. Don't miss the next episode when she tries to force Internet Superstar Grace Helbig into becoming her best friend.

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