10 Things You May Not Know About the Donald Sterling Debacle

After two medical examinations of self-serving interest, the probate trial of Donald and Shelly Sterling for ownership rights of the Los Angeles Clippers is scheduled to start today. Here are a few tidbits you might find interesting for the court of public opinion:

1) Sterling's estranged wife Shelly sued V. Stiviano prior to the leaked recorded conversation that started this debacle.

2) Sterling's presumed NEW girlfriend was a close friend of V. Stiviano.

3) On Sunday, June 1, Donald Sterling attended a predominantly Black church with a group of black women.

4) Prior to Sterling, Stiviano (whose legal name is Maria Vanessa Perez) was linked to Lakers owner Jerry Buss.

5) A man known as Maserati has severed ties with Sterling after he heard the recording but never thought of Sterling as a racist due to his preference for women of color.

6) Donald Sterling recently tweeted "Don't hate me, hate the game." *

7) Donald Sterling hired FOUR private investigation firms to dig up dirt on other owners.

8) Though there were multiple bids to buy the Los Angeles Clippers, ESPN's Ramona Shelburne recently reported:

Donald and their longtime personal attorney, Douglas Walton, decided they would sell the Clippers if they could get 2 billion for the team. Walton sent a letter to the NBA informing it of the arrangement between the Sterlings.

9) Doc Rivers got a promotion and is now President and Coach of the Clippers.

10) The NBA owner approval vote for the sale to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is slated for July 15, which is the same day the purchasing contract expires.

*This incident has not been verified as true mainly because it didn't happen... yet.

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