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10 Things Your Boyfriend Is Dying To Tell You


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Sometimes the truth hurts, and that's why so many men say they sugarcoat things with the women they date. Dating coach Kevin Carr asked a group of men to stop lying and keep it real. Find out what they want to say!

By Kevin Carr

Stop Lying, Fellas!

I was excited to share this post with you, ladies. Like it or not, your boyfriend has lied to you on more than one occasion. But now, before you jump to any conclusions, I need you to hear me out: There are sometimes things he wishes he could tell you but he feels you just can’t handle. Therefore, you get the filtered version. But truthfully, total honesty is what will really bring you both closer to you, so I asked a group of men to sit down with me and talk about all the things they “wish” they could say to their woman’s face. These are their top answers.

"Yes, You've Put On A Few Pounds. But That's Okay!"

10 Things Your Man Is Dying To Tell You

Dating Coach and motivational speaker Kevin Carr is the author of "If All Men Are Dogs, Then Women You Hold the Leash," and the new eBook "Date Responsibly." Follow him on Twitter here and share your thoughts with him below.

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