10 Things You're Doing Wrong With Your Content and Brand

It takes great effort to put good content out there that will keep your prospects clamoring for more. Your readers have a limited amount of time and they want to be engaged. Let's look at 10 things you might be doing wrong with your content and ultimately, your brand.

1.Telling too many stories or not the right one.

Storytelling is a great copywriting technique, but it needs to be told and positioned strategically to validate other points. Too many stories will overwhelm your reader.

2. Avoiding important keywords.

Your brand and content thrive on keywords. By using website SEO tips, you can target those keywords in your title, heading and sprinkle them throughout your content in an organic way without being too deliberate.

3. Not using video to build your platform.

Break information up with video as a way to build content and brand and ultimately, your platform. Think of all the potential clients that would flock to your website after watching your video?

4. Writing too much or too long.

Break up content with bullet points and videos to increase engagement. Readers don't want stuffy blog posts without key information. Keep shorter points in mind when writing for the web.

5. Be direct and to the point with your lead.

If you're offering a webinar or free report, make a point of getting to that sooner than later.

6. Not being consistent.

Jumping from one topic to another without streamlining it with your agenda and what people originally know you for can be confusing.

7. Not being authentic.

Keep your voice real without trying to be someone else. Of course, this is hard to do in today's impersonal online world. Authenticity is being who you are. This is one of the ways you can help stand out in a mass of social media and online noise.

8. Not being vulnerable.

Contrary to what many may still think, vulnerability is NOT weakness. It's accessibility. But of course, you don't want to overuse vulnerability as readers can identify it as a gimmick and tune out. And you don't want to reveal too much so choose the right information that can help strengthen your brand and content.

9. Not repurposing content.

Content that is repurposed is used intelligently with the purpose of increasing traffic. Think how you can get extra mileage from that chapter, audio, blog post or video. This way, you won't find yourself writing original content for hours.

10. Not targeting your audience.

Content that is not catered to your target audience may eventually be ignored. You can easily miss out on a potential opportunity to connect with a client. You must know your audience's pain points to write effectively for that audience.

As you can see, there are many tactics that need to be done before getting that sale, or inviting prospects to check out your website. Telling them to "buy this" or "buy that" isn't going to do the trick, plus your online prospects are looking for answers to their real and pressing problems. It's best to work the web and use effective copywriting techniques to build your content and brand.