10 ThingsI I Learned from my EatWith Dinner

I had dinner in an innovative way recently. A friend invited me to dinner and the only thing I knew was that the reservation was ay 7pm. I assumed it was at a restaurant but in fact she and I had dinner with four strangers (now friends) in a demo dinner hosted and prepared by Chef Dottie.

The menu was tomato flats and crab stuffed okra, salad, red bean soup, barbecued shrimp, and warm rice custard. A foodie's delight at the live/work space of the Chef.

Here are 10 things I learned about EatWith based in San Francisco:

1. There are more than 500 host/chefs.

2. EatWith is in 150 cities.

3. Also in 30 countries.

4. There are more than 1,000 menus created.

5. 10,000 dinners hosted.

6. 60,000 seats filled.

7. My dinner was in Oakland at Dutch Boy Studios.

8. Dutch Boy Studios is called the "mother of all live-work conversions", the largest live-work space in the San Francisco Bay Area.

9. The Dutch Boy Studios were formerly the Dutch Boy Paint Factory which manufactured paint used for boats in World War II.

10. Per the website EatWith " . . . brings people around the world together, one meal at a time . . . and is an easy way to access the underground food scene and connect with creative, open-minded and interesting people."

Peace, love, compassion and blessings.