10 Insightful Quotes About Moving On

If you have lived for any length of time, you probably know that two things are necessary: letting go and moving on. Letting go and moving on are like a revolving door. As soon as we let something out, we are able to move forward on something else.

The difficult thing about letting go is that we already have whatever it is -- the past, hurt, loss, unfairness -- in our grip. And it is easier to just hold on instead of let go. Moving on has its own kind of difficulty. Sometimes we know we need to move on, but the place we're in is not comfortable, but familiar.

Loss is a bruise on the heart. Unfair treatment is hurtful in the moment. Any level of struggle leaves us wounded. However, it is the memory of such events that often ruins us and keeps us in the same place we've always been.

We don't really have the capacity to hold on to every unfavorable situation that is bound to come our way. But if we choose courage, we may be able to arrive at a place we never thought we would reach.

Here are 10 insightful quotes about moving on in life:

10 Thoughtful Quotes About Moving On