10 Thoughts You Have Before Moving In With A Significant Other

A happy excited couple in their new home
A happy excited couple in their new home

1. "Moving in together isn't a big deal. We basically spend every night together anyway. What could be different?" Good one.

2. "The big difference will be that we can do our own things over the weekend now without having to set aside time to hang out... and we can have more sex." Again, good one.

3. "But, wait, will everyone eventually stop hanging out with me because I live with a significant other? Are people just going to assume I'm hanging out with my S/O and not invite me places? Are people going to assume I'm now a boring, married person?" The answer: yes, probably. But boring, almost-married people can have fun too. You might have to do a lot of the "reaching out" and "plan making" but once you prove that you're still fun, all will be fine.

4. "Am I now on the fast track to marriage?" Seriously, stop right there. You're just moving in together. If you feel like getting engaged, go for it, but if not, don't. At least not yet. Moving in together is a step, but it certainly doesn't have to lead to marriage. Remember: it could also lead to breaking up, so proceed with caution.

5. "If I find myself drinking wine on a friend's couch at 3:00 a.m. can I sleep there or do I always have to go home now? I don't want to go home to a boring apartment while everyone continues to party every weekend night." This one depends on your age, but you're going to get over this one pretttttty quickly. Don't worry.

6. "I can start cooking meals for two now!" When you're only cooking for yourself, there's no point of cooking elaborate meals. But now, you can dabble in the Crockpot. You can cook things without having to worry about what you'll do with the leftovers... or worrying that you'll eat it all and gain 10 pounds because you would most definitely eat it all.

7. "What am I going to do when I have to go to the bathroom? Like, will he notice if I'm in the bathroom for a long time? Will he ever hear me going to the bathroom?" We are all humans. We all poop. Yes, that's right. Girls poop. It's inevitable that this is going to happen. As Elsa in Frozen says, let it go. Or just turn up the volume on the TV before you enter the bathroom. Or do your business with the door open. Do what you feel. Everyone has different comfort levels. You'll figure something out.

8. "How are we going to have alone time -- like alone time from each other?" Before moving in together, it's all about finding "alone time" for the two of you to be together. But after you move in, you're going to have to find alone time... for yourself. Especially because you're going to annoy the f**k out of each other at times. And especially to call family and friends to complain about your new roommate, I mean, significant other.

9. "What if we break up?" Valid question. Hopefully you won't, but go into it thinking you might because, well, you might. Make a game plan beforehand in case you do, because if you do cut ties, moving out and moving on is easier said than done. You might think, "oh I'll just move out" or, "he'll just move out," but when neither one of you wants to move out and money and furniture are involved, it becomes a whole thing. Don't let this deter you from moving in together though. If you feel ready to take the plunge, why wait when you can figure out if you're compatible now? A breakup could happen at any time -- even 30 years down the line when you're married with kids. So basically whatever happens, happens. #Life

10. "I really think this will be fine. I mean, what doesn't he/she know about me already!?" Your inner freak has been waiting for it's time to shine ever since you started dating. You won't be able to keep that part of you inside 24 hours a day, seven days a week though -- and neither will your partner. But if you learn to love each other's crazy, then you, my friend, will find true love. Good luck!

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