10 tips (and a little extra one) that will help you to have a more fulfilling and happier new year despite any circumstance.

10 tips (and a little extra one) that will help you to have a more fulfilling and happier new year despite any circumstance.
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<p>New year, new beginnings</p>

New year, new beginnings

By: Sandy Mora

We all want the next cycle to be better than the previous one. What is a fact, is that for this to be the case, we do not have to wait for circumstances to change...

Waiting for the economy, politics, your mother-in-law or your boss to change is to put your life in the hands of someone else, when the reality is that the only person responsible for yourself, your well-being and how you decide to live your life, is YOU.

Do not expect different results if you are not willing to do things differently.

As the new year approaches, I recommend you consider these simple (but transcendent) tips if you want to live it more fully and joyfully:

1. Listen more to your heart (Follow your internal GPS):

Define your goals, purposes and objectives based on how you want to feel on the path to achieving them. Do not set goals that do not respond to what You really want. Do not fill yourself with pending’s that overwhelm you, stress or depress you just to look good, comply with some social canon, external expectation or the "should be’s". Ask yourself where are your Goals coming from and be brutally honest with yourself.

2. Decide to find the hidden gift:

Every time your circumstances challenge you and you feel that they are adverse: Stop, breathe slowly and consciously and choose the reaction that best brings you closer to feeling better. Remember that EVERYTHING that happens to you has the potential to become a life learning experience and make you a better human being. Decide to find the hidden gift and learn how to do Emotional Alchemy.

3. Abstain from toxic contents:

Stop seeing, reading, listening to news that fill you with anguish, impotence, anger and fear. Better fill yourself with content and experiences that enrich you, make you laugh and help you to feel and be better.

4. Move the energy:

Move more, walk, dance, sing, make love or practice a sport (or all of the above)... Help keep the energy in your body, the vitality and endorphins flowing. ENJOY the body in which you live and take care of it.

5. Exercise the muscle of gratitude:

Every night, spend a moment to find 3 things that happened to you during the day and that are worthy of gratitude. If you want to write them and have a gratitude journal, it will become a nice record of all your blessings. With this little exercise you will change the way you see life.

6. Practice saying "No" more often.

It may feel rude to say NO, but sometimes it is the healthiest thing to do. Exercise setting clear and assertive limits so as not to invade yourself with pending’s, commitments and tasks that drain your energy and leave you without time to take care of yourself. It is not about becoming selfish or an egocentric narcissist, not at all! It's about learning to find the balance between giving and receiving, between helping others and helping yourself. You cannot give what you do not have. Remember that by being well you are doing the world a favor. You also need time for yourself, and for this you must learn to prioritize and release your agenda of what is not nourishing or helping you grow.

7. Procure yourself more cuddling moments for the soul:

Embrace, kiss or caress someone you love at least once a day, (the more, the better!). Say what you feel and surround yourself with people who love you, stimulate you, energize you, inspire you, encourage you, believe in you, make you laugh or teach you something.

8. Be part of something greater than you:

Help someone, join a cause or charity and donate a little bit of your time, money or effort in procuring someone who is in trouble or bad conditions. Lend a helping hand. The greatest nutrient of the soul is to serve and feel part of something greater than oneself. Leave your square meter of influence, and those with whom you interact, better than how you found them. You will find, in turn, satisfaction, meaning and purpose for you.

9. Complain less and appreciate more.

Detect what is your daily complaint, the one you most frequently express. If you do not like something, propose solutions and do something to change it! If you cannot change it, change your frame of reference and your way of seeing it. Remember that where you put your focus and your energy it expands. If you only complain, you put yourself in the role of a passive and impotent victim and the discomfort will not go away. If you embrace your power of decision and decide to do something about it or change your perspective, you will feel much better.

10. Dare to do that which you have postponed so many times...

Lose the fear and try it! Remember that you only learn by practicing, and if you fail you will be one step closer to success. Better to die trying than to die with regrets. Along the way you will learn about yourself, your potential, your environment. Go ahead and learn! Do not wait for the "perfect" moment, to feel 100% sure, or to have everyone's approval, because that may never happen. There are hundreds of people out there, maybe less prepared than you, who are already doing it.

11. The extra, but the most important: Do what you say you're going to do!

Commit yourself and, "walk the talk." Don’t let another year go by with a list of unfulfilled new year’s resolutions. Become radically responsible for yourself. Happiness is found in feeling that you advance and progress towards that which fills and inspires you. It is better to give little baby steps forward than planning a big jump that never happens. Do it!!!!!

I hope this is a year worth remembering and that you give yourself the opportunity to celebrate life EVERY single day.

Very happy new year!!!!

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