10 Tips for Self Love

10 Tips for Self Love
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Self Love is one of the most underrated topics that Entrepreneurs face. We might strive for fame and fortune and even achieve it, yet without a self-love practice in place, all external achievements are just fleeting moments of pleasure. For me, meditation has been a major method for achieving self love.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Kelly Armatage, a Therapist, Coach, Speaker and Published Writer. She is the founder of A.S.K -- A Serenity Kit. A 3 step subconscious rewiring technique that creates change. Kelly has facilitated over 10,000 sessions as a Therapist.

Through her work, she has learned that regardless of the client, or the issue, those that were able to work on their self-love were able to reach triumph. All roads to victory were opened up, as her clients were guided to build an inner foundation of security, safety and love.

Self-love is the value, appreciation and respect of oneself and those that apply it gain infinite results in their lives. Below are Kelly's 10 tips for increasing self-love.

1. Past Forgiveness
Even if we have experienced abuse and heartbreak in the past, it is essential to get to a place of surrender and forgiveness. If not, we will be carrying the emotions of anger and regret. The easiest way to do this is to comprehend the learned behaviors of others and ourselves.

As we increase our knowledge of psychology, we can better grasp why others and we do what we do. Any past choice made by any person was the 'right' choice in that moment. A choice, that can only be 'right', due to past circumstances, ingrained behaviors and the subconscious rewards gained. Going back through past events and replacing any negative emotions with compassion helps us to strengthen our forgiveness muscle.

2. Future Anticipation
So step 1 is to look back at the past and be at peace with all events, knowing that we are who we are today, due to each and every occurrence. Likewise with the future, we are to live in anticipation of a deeper learning.

Our futures will be full of happy moments, as well as curveballs. The curveballs are challenging events where we are pushed to grow and accept. If we remain open to the lessons of life, our future is something we never have to fear. It is a future full of joy plus expansion experiences. A future we can feel utterly excited about.

3. Mindset Awareness
Those that are self-loving look to become a master of their mindset. It is estimated we have 50-70,000 thoughts per day and our thoughts create our emotions. Along the self-love path, awareness of the mind is needed by carrying out mental exercises such as meditation and subconscious rewiring.

As we do so, our mind becomes a powerful means for manifestation, positive emotional management and the 'go to' place for inner strength.

4. Behavioral Awareness
If we can become aware of why we carry out certain habits, we are one step closer to replacing them with successful rituals for a balanced life. Those that practice cognitive and habit awareness learn the secrets to inner peace and peak performance.

It makes sense to figure out our learned behaviors and then via subconscious rewiring exercises, dropping those that do not serve us.

5. Meditation
Meditation is a beautiful and effective tool that can lead anyone to nirvana. As we learn to cleanse our amazing minds, we also gain access to the higher emotions of joy, peace and serenity. Daily meditation can only catapult up our self-love.

You Tube has a wealth of guided meditations available for those that want to improve their meditation game.

6. Health
If we are to value ourselves, then deep care of our bodies is critical. Assuring that nutritious, high energy and enhancing foods are consumed works to facilitate strength, balance and vitality.

Nutrition and exercise are a main factor for those that are on the self care path.

7. Emotional Management
Whilst our triggers and negative emotions provide deep learning for our self-awareness, it is important not to have a victim mindset and 'camp out' in our anger and sadness. By practicing the above tips, we have control over our emotions.

Who would want to resonate in fear, when we have access to the higher frequencies of ecstasy and joy? As we become in awe of emotional energy management tools, we see love and light appear in our lives.

8. Aligning With Now

The past has gone and the future has not yet arrived, yet what we do have access to is now. This very moment. Practicing aligning and loving the now offers us the gift of life.

Finding a wonder in this moment and in every moment en route ensures we release the addictions to external and temporary highs.

9. Living Your Purpose
How can we live a life of love if we are betraying ourselves by doing work that drains us? We all have a special purpose and gift to serve the world with.

By having the courage to go inwards and discovering what it is and creatively spreading that outwards, produces a life of passion, servitude and fun. In the words of Florence Scovel Shinn, we can affirm repeatedly "I give a wonderful service in a wonderful way for wonderful pay". As we do so, our divine purposes are awakened.

10. Assertiveness
Compassion for other peoples' behavioral conditioning is a must, so too is assertiveness. Every person succeeds with this core life skill.

The knowledge of assertiveness makes room for calm, loving and respectful communication, thus creating harmonious relationships. It is vital that we teach people how to treat us, guaranteeing toxicity, conflict and mistreatment does not occur. When we value others and ourselves, respect, care and compassion becomes the order of the day.

What are your tips for self love?

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