10 Tips on How to Prioritize Your Goals

Do you know what you need in order to have a happy life? If not, you may need to prioritize your goals. This is usually separated into four areas of your life:

A) - Self Care (wellness)

B) - Personal - Spiritual, employment, advancing your education

C) - Financial - Saving money, getting out of debt, business venture

D) - Family - Spending time with your parents, siblings and/or offspring

With these four categories, you will need to decide which one is the most important and go down the list. Ask yourself some questions so that you know what to focus on first.

  1. What scares you the most and Why? What is good for you in your life may be the thing that you focus the most fear on. Find out why you are scared to embrace it. There are some times when people fear the unknown.
  2. Find out which goals cause you to be excited. There are some that can cause different feelings and prodding you to take action on them. Usually, goals that cause you to be excited are easier to implement and maintain. They also impact you a lot.
  3. Easy ones are like a breeze to accomplish. These also can provide maximum impact for your life, without having to sweat profusely for them. For instance, if you implement something for about 20 minutes a day, it may fit in with two of the areas listed above, but it may not affect the other areas. This action can also produce huge results with satisfaction.
  4. Choose ones that can produce permanent results. Decide on something that no one can remove from your life, such as a college degree. Find out what the decisions will be worth in your life.
  5. Realistic decisions should come into play. They should reflect the four areas mentioned above. They should also make a great fit for your life. Be sure that you are in control of your actions and results.
  6. Decide which goals link up with your personal life values. They should fit into all four components of your life. They should also be worth of pursuit and that you have time to be involved with them.
  7. Find out which ones keep itching at you. For instance, if you are in debt and want to relieve yourself of it, devise steps on how to remove the financial burden from your life. Being in debt can damper your physical health as well as your financial health.
  8. Focus on some ideas that you want to accomplish personally. You don't have to tell the whole world about them. Study those that only you can control. Doing this can satisfy your personal life as well as other aspects of your life.
  9. Some people want to set goals for you because they are concerned about your well-being. As long as you know the reason for this and it will benefit you, then it may be a win-win situation.
  10. Think about what could affect you in the next five to ten years. There is nothing wrong with establishing ideas as long as you know that you future can be positively impacted.

When you have answers to these questions, you should be able to know how your goals will affect you. The ones that affect you the most should be at the top of the list to implement. They should affect your life in a major way.

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