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10 Tools To Make Your Sales Team a Lean, Mean Productive Machine

Is your sales team bringing in the numbers they could be? Even if there conversion rate is high, it could always be higher. Who doesn't want more sales?! Especially your salespeople, who benefit directly from their successes?
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Is your sales team bringing in the numbers they could be? Even if there conversion rate is high, it could always be higher. Who doesn't want more sales?! Especially your salespeople, who benefit directly from their successes?

If you want a lean, mean productivity machine in your sales department, you need the right tools to get them there. These are ten that every sales team needs to begin using right away.

Salemate organizes and optimizes the work of your sales team through its feature called "Sales pipeline". It defines your sales process using various stages suitable to sell your product. First you assign the stages to various sales interactions, then your sales team takes the defined set of actions to successfully move the sales opportunity from one stage to another. This approach keeps your team motivated and focused on the well defined actions.

The tool is highly affordable too: It's $15 a month if you pay on a monthly basis and only $12 if you pay yearly.

There is no single function for Cyfe, which is what makes it so unique. It is a ridiculously low cost ($19 a month) business management platform that integrates all the things you need into one dashboard through customizable widgets. So you can run sales, marketing, social, CRM, and a lot more in the same place.

I would say this is the #1 functional business tool that has ever found its way onto the market. As soon as you start creating widgets you will see why. There is very little you can't do with Cyfe.

Made for sales managers who have a team to oversee, this is another Salesforce app that is a bit costly at $250 per month. But it allows the manager to oversee all sales, get current projections, monitor their sales team, and more from a tool integrated with other Salesforce products.

They also have free sales plans available, which are helpful enough to be worth the price of the rest of the features. Just imagine being able to directly include those customizable sales plans into your CRM platform.

Team management and communication tool Slack is an amazing product. It allows you to create channels open to only the members you want to invite, and gives you unlimited possibilities for communicating on different projects, and assigning tasks, or even holding meetings.

They have several third party app collaborations that can be installed, such as with Hootsuite. Which is perfect if you want to keep your sales team in the loop with marketing (hint: you do!). All in all, this is one of the best online tools for teams to come out in a long time, and a must for anyone who wants their salespeople to work better together.

You know that relationships are the lifeblood of sales. But how are you at isolating the most profitable relationships, and nurturing them to grow? Contactually works with both Google Accounts and Office365 to target in on those key relationships, and help you to strengthen them. Since it is aimed at salespeople, there is a leaning towards closing sales that isn't always present with other CRMs. Plus, you can track the results of these interactions, and by using that data further improve your engagement strategies.

My favorite feature with Contactually has to be their ScaleMail, which lets you create an email chain separate from your drip emails. So you can communicate with smaller groups that require a bit of extra handling.

It is 2016 and we are still using physical business cards. It is a trend that doesn't look to be passing anytime soon, which means we need a better way of managing all those contacts. After all, we have seen the chaos that occurs at the end of a conference, with a grocery bag filled with dozens of different cards.

ScanBizCards lets you scan in the card with your phone, syncs your address book, and adds details. It also integrates with your chosen CRM platform.

Charlie App

Be better informed before you ever walk into a meeting. Charlie App works by connecting to the social media profiles of your targets, and offering you a simple, informative report complete with pictures and personal details. Instead of looking up each individual LinkedIn and Twitter, this app does it for you.

You will be ready to impress with your research the second you walk into the room, and prepared to wow them with your expertise. I love Charlie App because it brings back an art I feel has been lost with the advent of online sales: personal engagement. People don't research anymore, but now you can without spending nearly as much time doing it.

Hubspot Sales Platform

Email is probably a pretty big part of your sales strategy, whether you are B2B or B2C. But tools like MailChimp can be overly burdened with complicated features, not to mention arbitrary rules that many users don't know they have broken until they are penalized.

Hubspot's free sales platform is better. It lets you know who is opening your emails, who is responding, and who is clicking through. They also have two paid platforms that are worth checking out, for CRM and better sales tool.

Don't bother manually entering appointments into Google Calendars anymore. Do things the easy way with Calendly. It works by letting you set your availability, and then send a link to whoever you want to.

They select a time within your available slots, and it automatically schedules it on your calendar. Easy, fast, and no mess or email tag!

How do you deal with contracts from states (or countries) away? Docusign is the simple way to get documents, proposals and contracts signs in a legally binding way. You create the document, send a link through email, they follow the link, read and sign.

Have a tool for a more productive sales team you would like to see on the list? Let us know in the comments!

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