While we enjoy skiing and ice skating, our favorite cold-weather activity, hands down, is mixing up a round of hot cocktails.
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While we enjoy skiing and ice skating, our favorite cold-weather activity, hands down, is mixing up a round of hot cocktails.

While a snifter of cognac or a dram of Scotch can certainly make you feel warmer, nothing is as comforting as a steaming mug of a delicious and boozy concoction.

So as the nights get ever longer (and ever more freezing), fix one of these 10 warming drinks. Cheers!

What's your favorite hot cocktail?

Hot Toddy
This drink is arguably the most famous hot cocktail of all time—not to mention our favorite remedy for a cold—and it’s super simple to make. The original Hot Toddy (also called the Whisky Skin) doesn’t call for any fancy ingredients, just a mix of boiling water, sugar, lemon and whiskey. Our recipe also calls for a few cloves and uses complex turbinado sugar, but it's just as easy. And, best of all, it works with Scotch, Irish whiskey, bourbon and rye.
View Recipe: Hot Toddy
Autumn Wassail
Having a party? Whip up this spirited fall drink that features apple cider, pomegranate, cognac and a bit of rum. The best part? It can be served hot or cold.
View Recipe: Autumn Wassail
The Hornitos Hot Shotty
End your day with this boozy take on Mexican hot chocolate. Add a measure of añejo tequila to a cup of steaming chocolaty goodness and then top it off with a little whipped cream and a sprinkle of chili powder. The heat and spice will be sure to thaw you out.
View Recipe: The Hornitos Hot Shotty
Hendrick’s Hot Gin Punch
It’s not often that gin ends up in a hot drink, but this is an exception you’ll love. Make a big bowl of this warm punch that combines Hendrick’s Gin, Madeira wine, fruits and spices for a houseful of guests. It will keep you and your friends warm and happy all night long!
View Recipe: Hendrick’s Hot Gin Punch
Hot Buttered Rum
The best part about Hot Buttered Rum is that once you make a batch of the batter—which contains butter, of course, plus ice cream and spices, and can last you all winter—it’s a snap to fix a drink. In addition to a tablespoon of the batter, the recipe calls for a jigger of rum and some boiling water. We have it on good authority that a cup or two of this steaming goodness will cure nearly all ailments.
View Recipe: Hot Buttered Rum
Grand Coffee
We fully support adding a little liquor to a cup of coffee, especially if there’s a chill in the air. And this recipe is perfect for a frigid evening and can be made in a jiffy. It calls for a bit of the orange-and-cognac liqueur Grand Marnier and a few ounces of coffee. Sweeten the mixture with some brown sugar syrup and whipped cream if you like. After a few sips, you’ll be completely warmed up.
View Recipe: Grand Coffee
If anybody knows about surviving winter, it’s the Scandinavians. So try the classic Nordic concoction Glögg, which combines dry red wine, port and vodka with spices, sugar, raisins, oranges and figs. It’s also the perfect beverage for Thanksgiving and the holidays. Skål!
View Recipe: Glögg
Last-Minute Mulled Wine
This time of year, friends and family have a habit of just dropping in at unexpected times, so be sure to keep this recipe from top barman and Liquor.com advisory board member H. Joseph Ehrmann handy. All you need to do is warm up a pot of red wine and a little bourbon or brandy with a few common ingredients like cinnamon sticks and star anise. Your guests will never know how quickly it comes together!
View Recipe: Last-Minute Mulled Wine
Heated Affair
Tequila isn’t just for summertime Margaritas. Don’t believe us? Try all-star bartender and Liquor.com advisory board member Jacques Bezuidenhout’s aptly named Heated Affair. The complex cold-weather drink mixes the agave-based spirit with hot spiced apple cider and tops it off with some rich cream, freshly grated nutmeg and a cinnamon stick. You’ll never look at the Mexican liquor the same way again!
View Recipe: Heated Affair

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