10 Women Reveal The Craziest Thing Their Mothers-In-Law Ever Did

There's a reason these ladies aremothers-in-law.
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We can't all be blessed with in-laws who feel like family instantly. Some of us get saddled with in-laws who feel more like foes.

Below, HuffPost readers who are now divorced share the most obnoxious thing their former mothers-in-law ever did. If reading their stories doesn't make you feel better about your own in-laws, we don't know what will.

1. She wanted her son to have a less ambitious wife.

"I was pretty, young, smart and accomplished. She hated me. She actually told me I shouldn't discuss my dreams and ambitions with my husband because it might make him feel inferior. Yeah, doomed. The marriage didn't last long, for a number of reasons, but she was one of them. " -- Tracy

2. She felt her son was "stolen" from her.

"I should have guessed how it would end when years prior, my now-ex MIL accosted me in a parking lot screaming 'You stole my son.'" -- Naomi

3. She held out hope that her son would marry the high school girlfriend.

"The first time I met my mother-in-law-to-be, she showed me a scrapbook of my then-fiancé's childhood. It went up through high school and included a 5×7 photo of 'Diane, the girl I wanted him to marry.' She constantly made remarks about my housekeeping, the fact that I also worked outside the home and my general inability to care properly for my husband. She once drove two hours to bring him an umbrella (to his workplace, no less!) because she saw on the news that there was a chance of rain in our area and she was sure I hadn't thought to give him one." -- Sherry

4. She played favorites.

"My former mother-in-law (aka The Dragon) made me feel from the start I wasn't right for her son. She wasn't supportive and even when we had our children, she only criticized my parenting skills and make us feel inadequate. She showed favoritism to my ex's sister and her children (for instance, she was more generous to them at Christmastime). She made me feel alienated to the point of me not even having any relationship with her by the end of the marriage." -- Sarah
5. She treated her son like a child.
"She babied my husband while I was trying to build a strong family. That's OK, though. It was eight years ago and he has been living with her since. She has to do his laundry." -- Jennifer
6. She tried to undermine the marriage.
"My in-laws tried their best to drive a wedge between us. For starters, they told my ex-husband at our wedding, 'We'll love you no matter what' (i.e., marrying me). Every time I think of the crazy stuff she and his dad did to undermine us I have to laugh. At the time it was always so infuriating and it did create a lot of disharmony dealing with them. Luckily my ex and are still good friends and strong co-parents." -- Kristine
7. She stood in the way of their happiness.
"One day, I told my ex, 'I don't want to wait until she dies for us to be happy together, for you to be truly authentic and not take her side first before mine. I'm your goddamn wife yet you allow her to fill me with holes and you just stand there like a bystander.' After 12 years of marriage, I finally had enough of my mother-in-law and left." -- Theia
8. She pressured them into marrying.
"His mother nagged at him constantly to get married and she pulled me aside and told me that if I didn't marry him if he asked, then she would throw me out onto the streets. Next thing I knew, she had our wedding planned and I was married. I eventually had to transfer to keep my job and my husband and I separated with the intention of him following once he wrapped up some loose ends. Eventually we realized we were better as friends and parents to our children than together." -- Cari
9. She persuaded her son to get a divorce.
"My ex-mother-in-law obviously never thought I was good enough for her son. When we were separated we had planned to visit her and my father-in-law but we decided my husband would go and I would go visit my dad instead. When he left he wanted to get back together. When he came back he wanted a divorce. The only catalyst had to have been her." -- Robin
10. She constantly invited her son's ex-girlfriend over.
"We lived with my in-laws for three months when we got out of the army and my husband was looking for work. During that time, my MIL had his ex-girlfriend over every day and made comments like 'Tammy waited for you' and 'just think what life would be like with Tammy.' Meanwhile, Tammy would parade around half-naked in front of him. Every time we visited she was there and the MIL and sisters-in-law would take pot shots at me. After a few years of this I left. So not worth it. -- Mary

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