10 Tweets That Show Why the World's Top Diplomat Has to Be a Woman

Last week, the good and the great descended on New York for the annual United National General Assembly (UNGA). One of the main topics being discussed in the corridors and cafes of the United Nations is the question of who will be chosen to replace Ban Ki-moon as Secretary General of this important international institution.

Since the United Nations was founded in 1945, the organisation which is supposed to represent the shared interests of all people has never had a woman in the driving seat. After 70 years of male leadership, is it finally time for the next UN chief to be a woman? With the election of the new Secretary-General up for grabs next year, this list shows that the world is ready for it. I mean her.
Whilst this topic might not be on the official agenda of the General Assembly, you only need to look at social media to see where the real support lies for the next world's top diplomat to be a woman.

1. Chief Ban would be glad to hand over his job to a woman.
Perhaps the organisation could use a woman's touch.

2. The former UN Secretary General thinks the time for a woman is well overdue.
We'd better listen to the UN Grandpa-General!

3. Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg and President of Costa Rica agree
Well that settles that then.

4. Even the foreign policy gurus are on side.

5. Leading British newspaper The Guardian knows the right questions to ask.

6. Bollywood sensation-turned-politician "Ramya" supports the movement for a woman UNSG.
And former UN Secretary General candidate Shashi Tharoor concurs. RT equals endorsement, right?

7. Norway reminds us that there is no shortage of strong female candidates.
Remember the 1st ever UN chief, anyone? Ja, a Norwegian.

8. UNESCO chief Irina Bokova is unequivocal in her take on the topic.
Irina Bokova, the official candidate of Bulgaria, has been repeatedly cited as one of the lead candidates in the race.

9. Top academics believe the world is tired of excuses.
Well said, Jean Krasno from Yale, who leads the Campaign to Elect a Woman UNSG.

Not convinced?

10. Former Senior US official demands that the UN 'leans-in'.