10 Unexpected Reasons to Create and Wear a Uniform

As dreary as the concept of a uniform might seem, wearing a carefully constructed ensemble can yield a cornucopia of unexpected benefits.
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As dreary as the concept of a uniform might seem, wearing a carefully constructed ensemble can yield a cornucopia of unexpected benefits.

1. You enter the company of great figures. The benefits of creating and wearing your own uniform have been recognised by many famous individuals including Steve Jobs, Hillary Clinton, Mark Zuckerberg, Jackie O and Vera Wang.

2. You can get away with a fashion faux pas. If it were not part of his uniform, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad not wearing a tie at certain events would make him either intentionally disrespectful or embarrassingly oblivious to social norms.

3. You get to choose how people see you. First impressions lie at the heart of how others judge, remember, and speak about you. By crafting a consistent and carefully controlled first impression through the use of uniform garb, you gain greater control over your public image.

4. You are easier to recognise. People a far more likely to recognize you in the streets if you are wearing a uniform (faces can be surprisingly forgettable). If you walk by an acquaintance in your uniform, he or she will likely be far more comfortable saying hi. In addition to developing an iconic brand, your uniform will also therefore help you appear to be more popular.

5. You can more easily disappear. Once people are trained to identify you by your uniform, you can easily float through public places unrecognized when needed. You will be surprised by the extent to which people will depend on your clothing and hairstyle to identify you -- as soon as you're not wearing your uniform, you are anonymous!

6. You have to pack less. Uniforms free you from the burden of feeling obligated to always wear something new. This enables you to travel with a fraction of one's typical luggage, as you will only need a couple of variations of a single outfit.

7. You will have an easier time shopping. Finding appropriate garments and accessories is much easier if one has a unified and cohesive wardrobe theme. Furthermore, you are infinitely less likely to purchase garments that never get worn on a whim.

8. You will be able to save money on clothing and buy less. Replacing a single element of a wardrobe (which simply involves switching out a part in a fully functional unit) is far easier and less expensive than replacing an element within a complex wardrobe (as additional garments might need to be purchased that enable it to be worn in more than one variation). What's more, several garments in a single style can be purchased when on sale to save money (because one can be sure they will all be worn).

9. You will need less time to get ready in the morning. Without needing to put together a whole outfit every morning, you will save time each time you get dressed while also sparing yourself from unnecessary decision fatigue (this saves your cognitive capacity for things that actually matter).

10. It gives you something to talk about. Uniforms are a conversation piece. Pre-thought-out and rehearsed responses to queries about your wardrobe philosophy enable you to effortlessly build rapport with new acquaintances. In addition to providing small talk fodder, your uniform will leave others with a memorable impression of your personal philosophy -- something that can help you develop an even stronger personal brand.