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10 Europe Bakeries to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

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2016-04-20-1461158726-6955595-16805606512_631ea48702_z.jpg by Barney Moss

When it's rainy outside we tend to compensate our anger towards Mother Nature by pleasing our craving for sweets. However, go out on a sunny day and you'll see that people enjoy that last bite of confectionery with as much contentment as any other time. So it seems that those of us that have sweet teeth are ready to bring up any excuse (including weather) for giving in to our longings for patisserie and trying to ignore the not-so-healthy consequences they have on our bodies.

When planning a new trip, researching on bakeries is a fundamental part of my planning. Now, I am fully aware that when traveling to somewhere new most people think it probably is a piece of cake to find a few bakeries especially in the city centre. And they are right! But you don't want to go to any patisserie and then think how much better that cheesecake could have tasted have you bought it from another place. And in order to give you some help with that, here is the list of 10 best bakeries in Europe.

by Jan Verboom

Every sweet tooth knows the delight you feel when you find a French cake-shop in different cities of the world. Because that means one thing: you are going to have some mouthwatering sweets as soon as you enter.

Whether it's eclairs, choquettes or some organic juice you're looking for, Little Patisserie has got your back. Not only this patisserie has a typical French design, but also the baker herself is French who is putting all her love into baking while using traditional recipes of French sweets. In short, if you want to appear in Paris even for a little time while still being in Amsterdam then head to this patisserie, sit back and enjoy your coffee with a homemade cake.

by Ivan Marra

It is difficult to imagine someone getting tired of strong black coffee and delicate pastries in Rome. However, if that does happen and you find yourself longing for the American sweets culture - cupcakes and huge mugs, Rome won't fail to please you here either. You hardly can get away by only eating one cupcake because the variety and taste cannot simply be resisted. The cupcakes here are so delicious that after all you might think that those extra pounds gained were totally worth it!

by Hariella Farber

One just cannot talk about tasty cupcakes without mentioning Red Velvet in Tel Aviv. The variety here will just make your head spin and will get you in a really tough choice. Because let's face it, you will have the hardest time choosing between a Tiramisu, Snickers and a carrot cupcake. After all, you might completely give up on cupcakes and go for the huge oreo cookie instead. So make sure you don't leave Tel aviv without having abide of this paradise.

by AC Uribe

There sure isn't any shortage of bakeries in Barcelona. Nevertheless, if you are specifically searching the best croissants in the city then this is the place you don't want to miss. Having a mercy on people on diet who would be unable to resist their cravings, this place in Barcelona has a variety of delights of low calories as well. Spanish/Catalan will be the only language spoken here, but no worries - the staff will do its best to get your order right.

by Ayla Amschlinger

This cafe in Munich is all about the high quality of pastries. All of them are homemade and extraordinarily tasty. Kaffee Schneller is one of those typical spots that will be saviors and comforters on the days when the sky does not show any intent of clearing up. And only a hot cup of cappuccino alongside with sweets will make your day less gloomy and more cosy.

2016-04-20-1461166532-2067310-latelierduchocolatmoscowbymerimelkonyan.jpg by Meri Melkonyan

If you're bored with all the similar to each other cakes found at every bakery, then this place in Moscow is definitely for you. They serve fresh and extraordinary pastries here such as cakes with fig, pistachio cakes with cardamom and they also have homemade chocolate. The dishes of this cafe are extraordinary as well. Each piece is covered with a portrait of different notable people.

However while discovering the pastry scene of Moscow you should probably go to L'atelier du Chocolat when it's not too busy. This is because there is only space for 7 people to sit down in the cafe. So make sure to be quick to get your spot at the table if you are planning to eat inside the shop!

by Cindy Fonvig

It is a common knowledge that delicious pastries have been a part of the Danish culture for a long time and that Denmark is a huge competitor to South European countries when it comes to sweet delights. And it is not surprising that Copenhagen still continues to surprise its visitors by the huge amount of new patisserie popping up in different neighborhoods.

This cafe is a popular hangout spot for students not only because of free wifi, but also because of the most delicious cheesecake in the city. It is a comfortable place to work or study especially when sitting by the window and watching people walking by the shop and trying (unsuccessfully) to get their eyes off the cheesecakes.

2016-04-20-1461173279-9849509-noecukraszdacafebudapestbyhelenebienvenu.jpg by Helene Bienvenu

While in Budapest, you cannot experience the city completely without trying the traditional Hungarian-Jewish cake flódni. And what better place for that than this little Jewish pastry-shop? apart from flódni they also have plenty of other cakes which are equally luscious.

This cafe is one of the places that you would hardly notice and stop by unless having heard about it from a local. Lucky for you, Noé Cukrászda Café is included in the list so that you can have a perfect day while sitting on the terrace of the cafe, letting the sun touch your face and enjoying the tastiest cakes of Budapest.

by Peter Hoffer

London, just like Amsterdam also has its little French bakeries that will warm your heart and make you feel as if you are in the city of love again. And you will probably feel that Parisian love until the very last bite of macarons sold in Lauderée. They are not very cheap but you are not going to regret even a single pound spent on them as each of the macaroons will just melt in your mouth. This Parisian patisserie has actually got so much love from Londoners that it already has 4 locations in different parts of the city.