10 Warning Signs You're Under Too Much Stress (And What to Do About It)

How do you know when you're under too much stress? Well, it's an individual thing. But if you're experiencing many of the following symptoms on a regular basis, you need to make some changes.
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Sneaky, isn't it?

The way life can creep up on you. One minute everything is going well, and it's all under control.

The next you realize you've got a bit too much going on.

How did that happen?

You thought you had balance but now you find yourself constantly busy. Constantly trying to jam it all in. Constantly moving faster, racing from one thing to the next.

Some days you still feel in control, but on others, you're not so sure. And those other days seem to be becoming more frequent.

In fact, you're starting to wonder if you're losing your tiny mind.

So,how do you know when you're under too much stress?

Well, it's an individual thing. But if you're experiencing many of the following symptoms on a regular basis, you need to make some changes.

You're more pessimistic than you used to be, and negative self-talk seems to be taking over. You feel a little like you've lost your "old self", who used to see things more positively.

That sense of overwhelm you used to get from time to time is becoming constant. Everything seems too much.

The mental list of things that need doing each morning just to get out the door is exhausting.

It's harder and harder to make decisions. You find yourself neglecting your responsibilities and procrastinating more than usual because you just can't make a choice.

You're agitated all the time. You can't concentrate properly, you can't relax, and your mind is constantly racing.

You've been pushing yourself for so long that your mind has taken over, and just pushes faster and faster and faster.

You don't get on with anyone. You feel lonely and isolated, and your relationships are becoming brittle.

You can feel yourself being moody, irritable or short tempered a lot of the time.

You have headaches, aches and pains, and digestive problems more often than you used to. You may also find yourself sick with colds and viruses, or unable to shake off illnesses.

Some people find themselves clenching or grinding their teeth, both at night and in the daytime.

You have an all or nothing attitude, with no middle ground. Your sense of reason has evaporated.

It has to be everything or nothing at all.

You stop looking after yourself properly. Maybe you eat too much and give yourself too many treats, or maybe you almost stop eating altogether.

You might also be biting your nails to the quick, smoking or drinking more than usual, or harming yourself in other ways.

You can't remember the last time you were happy. Or maybe you laugh and then realize it feels a little strange because it's been so long since you had a good giggle.

Either way, life has become a series of obligations to meet, rather than something to enjoy.

You're always exhausted, but you can't sleep. Or maybe you're sleeping more than usual, but still exhausted.

Either way, your sleep cycle is different and you're tired. All the time.

Has your life crept off and become a little crazy and out of control?

Let's imagine that things are different. That someone could come along and wave a magic wand, and get things back under control.

That you could be happy and relaxed instead of strung out and stressed.

That you were enjoying yourself, sleeping well and feeling like your old self.

Well, guess what? That person can come along and change your life.

And that person is much closer than you think.

You see, the person with the ability to make these changes is you.

You can change your life, starting now. You have the power to draw a line in the sand and start living a calmer life.

You can practice being calm every day, to infuse your life with tranquility.

You alone have the ability to simplify your life, ditch stress and embrace contentment.

The choice is yours.

I can't wait to see what you choose.

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