10 Ways Being Woo-Woo Can Set You Up For Wild Success.

10 Ways Being Woo-Woo Can Set You Up For Wild Success.
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So, you clicked on this post right now because there’s a part of you that’s kinda woo’woo. There’s also a chance you‘re craving a fresh approach to achieving success and you’re open to the idea that exploring your woo-side can actually bring you massive success.

Well, you’re in for a treat. This is a story about the 10 Ways Being Woo-Woo Can Set You Up For Wild Success.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve dabbled in the woo’woo world at some point in your journey and you’ve always been fascinated with how it all works. You know, the “coincidences” that happen time after time, the power of The Law of Attraction, the beautiful gems and crystals that you have stashed away and even the tarot cards hiding in your drawer somewhere.

But for whatever reason, you’re reluctant to share that side of you. You’re worried people will think you’re crazy, unprofessional or not relatable. So, instead, you shy away from it, bury it or keep it a secret and forget the power that it can have on your life and your experience of it.

This was me. And for the longest time, I stopped practicing it and refused to share this side of me, for the reasons mentioned above.

I mean, who wants to feel isolated because of their beliefs?

However, at the beginning of the year, I made a commitment to Be Brave. I set the intention that I would do what I needed to do to spread my message so that I could create a lasting impact that could serve the masses.

I had a massive desire to exercise what it means to be authentic and real, so it only made sense to share what I believe is the most important aspect of building a dream and having success.

I owe my life and where I am today to my “woo-woo.”

I learned about the Law of Attraction + “The Secret,” almost a decade ago, when I turned 18 and landed a direct sales job. I used the principles to achieve some of my wildest goals and when I turned 19, I manifested enough cash to buy my parents a house.

At 20, I moved across the nation and started my own marketing company, bringing in a quarter million dollars in sales by 23.

Like most people, I grew up not having much at all. Being in a position to buy a house for my parents had everything to do with my “woo-woo” because I truly believed that I was co-creating with the Universe.

Fast forward 10 years later, I started a family, had two babies in two years, and in this time, I manifested a lucrative coaching business, helping women all around the World, the power of “woo.”

For the last decade, I allowed my woo-woo side lead me to wild success - and today, I’m letting it all go, embracing the impact it has had in my Life.

In case you’re reading this and you’re thinking, “What does that even mean?” To some, the term “woo-woo” means ‘extraordinary beliefs for which it is felt there is insufficient extraordinary evidence, and people who hold those beliefs.’

It is a term people often use to describe their connection to “The Universe,” “The Divine,” “God,” or “Source.”

To me, “woo-woo” is the essence of spirituality and the belief that something bigger out there is taking care of us - co-creating with us - and leading us back to Love.

Here’s what the journey to wild success looks like in my World, as I commit to sharing the power it has had in my Life.

Woo-woo” = wild success.


I had 2 babies in 2 years and launched my business with a 7-month old baby, while 9 weeks pregnant with my second. It wasn’t until I started to get back into meditation-mode that I could overcome my fears, my doubts and my limiting beliefs that almost lead me to depression. I was scared AF. As soon as I tapped back into my “woo-woo”, I was revived.

At the beginning of 2017, while raising my 2 year-old and 9-month old babies, I went on to host my biggest fundraising event, I won the Mrs. BC pageant, launched my coaching business (booked out in less than 60 days) and landed 10+ speaking engagements by May, this year.

If that’s not focused, I don’t know what is. Thank you, woo-woo!


I can’t tell you how many times I needed someone to help me in my business and magically (but not really), this person would show up in my life. For example, I needed someone to help me with a Branding Success Kit that I launched.. I had a vision that I would meet her and I didn’t worry about whether or not it would happen. Withing days, I manifested the best person to collaborate with. BAM! I came across the most amazing lady through Pinterest while I was clicking away. I messaged her. She was stoked. We connected. We collaborated. And now, we are forever friends! It was an easy process because I trusted that it would just work out.

Cultivating TRUST in the process can be manifested with your “”woo.”


Time and time again, I’ve had an idea about something that I really wanted to experience and over time (sometimes sooner than I expected), the opportunity would present itself. For example, I made it a goal and mission of mine this year to find ways to share my message: “To awaken the Warrior within + empower women to manifest an unshakable dream business.” An opportunity to share my message literally fell on my lap (I was almost in tears when this happened) - and two weeks ago, I won the Mrs. BC title for my Province, positioning me in the best place possible to inspire + empower more women from all walk’s of Life. Woo-woo!!


Now, I wouldn’t say that I’m confident all.the.time. As a matter of fact, I have to give my head a shake any time I feel like I’m playing small. BUT, my level of confidence has gone WAY UP since tapping into my “woo-woo.” This way of living gives me the I-GOT-THIS-ATTITUDE and everyday, I feel more and more compelled to share my truth, my story and my message to the World. It’s not easy putting yourself on the line with the possibility of being judged, ridiculed or misunderstood... and this is exactly where having confidence becomes such an asset.


I used to think that having fear was bad. Through my “woo-woo” practice, I’m learning how to accept the fear that shows up from time to time and discovering ways to find my way back to a place of love. I remember feeling nervous AF to get on stage to share my message when I was being interviewed at the Miss BC Pageant. I found a way to conquer the fear and speak my truth, without feeling apprehensive or scared. It was an incredible experience to feel calm and safe in that moment on-stage. I’m learning that fear exists in the presence of something that needs to addressed. And by having the tools to look at your fears right in the eyes, it gets way easier push passed the fear.

Your “woo-woo” will be your greatest tool to harnessing your superpowers.


I stared noticing that any time I needed something for my business - an email list, a business tool, an expert, or an answer, I could easily find it, or somehow, it would find me. For example, I was thinking about doing some Facebook Ads the other day... and BAM - Sandy Sidhu (Facebook Ads Expert) popped up on my News Feed. The timing was perfect! I can’t emphasize enough how your “woo-woo” works wonders for business success. When you are clear with what you want to achieve and the feelings that you desire, it’s incredible what shows up in your reality. I have become way more resourceful since indulging in my ‘woo.’


My woo-woo has brought me closer to my husband, made me a better friend to my girlfriends, and a way better mama to my girls. I express more gratitude, I’m a better listener, I can empathize more, I am present with my girls and I am overall, a little more loving, a little more understanding and a little more FORGIVING (that’s a big one) than I’ve ever been. A little goes a long way and my relationships deserve this kind of attention.


Being the ambitious person that I’ve always been, I often found myself feeling frantic or anxious about my “To-Do” List, the goals I wanted to accomplish and the plans I needed to fulfil. If it weren’t for being “woo-woo”, I would have probably had an attack of some sort, from the stress and anxiety I’d put myself through, especially when things don’t go my way. Self-doubt is now easier to overcome and waking up everyday in the anticipation of something amazing has been my way of Life!


Often times, it’s so much easier to react and express our feelings of anger, frustration and overwhelm, especially with all the chaos that comes with raising 2 girls under 2, a 10-year old step-daughter who’s starting to express her own opinions (don’t get me started), a hubby that doesn’t always “get you,” and a business that can, at times, be neglected. My “woo-woo” helps me control my emotions and inspires me to come from a place of Love, as often as possible. This has been incredibly liberating and a lot healthier for my state of mind.

Woop woop!


Any time I start worrying about money and thoughts pour in about whether or not I’d fulfill my financial goals for the month, something would show up in form of abundance, whether I was finding cash in old purses or receiving payment for my services. “Woo-woo” has my back and it feels amazing to be supported in this way. My relationship with money continues to evolve in a way that I never could imagine.

So, there you have it... the top 10 ways being woo-woo has set me up for wild success - and how you can have the exact impact in your own life!

If you’re open to this fresh new approach on chasing your dream, I would absolutely love to mentor you in my Private Soul-Centered Sisterhood, where I passionately help mamas + ladies alike awaken the Warrior within. We all have what it takes to create wild success.. sometimes, we just need a little bit of guidance and support getting there.

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I can’t wait to connect + vibrate higher with you!

Sending you so much love + light,

Genicca Whitney

Mindset Coach & Business Strategist

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