10 Ways I'm Choosing To Help President-Elect Trump

Here's the reality of today. Fifty percent of Americans got what they wanted. Fifty percent did not. We all knew that was going to happen, we just didn't think it would work out the way it did.

When the dust settles we will discover that in many ways, this election was won by white men. (Full disclosure: I am one.) For the most part, white men have controlled much of the power in our country since day one. This is not surprising, though it may be the last election cycle where it is true.

It's got me thinking... maybe the next four years can be a time for us white men -- especially those of us with power and influence -- to come alongside the President-Elect and fill in some of the gaps in his character. Who knows? Maybe Mr. Trump will be a great president. Maybe he can lead the country to peace and prosperity. That is my biggest hope today. However, there are several important things that he will likely not do. They just don't seem to be in his DNA. So maybe the rest of us can help. I commit myself to strive to fulfill the following 10 promises everyday of Mr. Trump's presidency:

1. I will use my position as a business owner to elevate the women in my life to a place of greater power and influence. I will give women in my organization the same benefits and opportunities as men.

2. I will seek to encourage immigrants in my city. In particular, I will find those people who are making a difference in the life of refugees and give them financial and political support.

3. I will remind my sons and younger male employees that there is no such thing as innocent "locker room talk" when it comes to the current rape culture.

4. I will befriend more people of other faiths in an honest attempt to learn from them and expand my understanding of God, love and humanity. In particular, I will seek out Muslims in my city who are doing good to come along side them and make a difference.

5. I will acknowledge systemic racism as a foundational problem in America and devote myself to support those who are working to change the system so that people of color can someday have the same benefits that my children have received as white Americans.

6. I will first seek first to understand and empathize with people who are different than me.

7. I will not use social media or any other communication tool at my disposal to degrade others in order to make myself look or feel better.

8. I will admit my mistakes quickly, ask forgiveness authentically and make no excuses for my own shortcomings.

9. I will recognize that the 50% of Americans who voted differently than me are more like me than they are different. I will not allow political disagreement to determine whom I choose to befriend or work with.

10. I will support President Trump to the best of my ability by praying for him, having an open mind, and respecting his office, even while exercising my constitutional right to disagree with him from time to time.

Hopefully some of you will join me.

God bless America.

Joe Boyd is Founder and CEO of Rebel Pilgrim.