10 Ways of Teaching Kindness to Your Children

10 Ways of Teaching Kindness to Your Children
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We often say that family is everything. In light of that being so, we must learn to treat each other with love and kindness. As parents, children follow in your footsteps. Like footprints in the sand, they take notice of the imprints we make every day. What you put out, they take in.

In addition to blood related family members, we all have a great extension of family that is the human race. If we teach our children to be kind and loving in the home, it will help them to take it out into the world. The kind of ways we treat our family should be transcended to the people we know as strangers. Living in kindness allows us a blissful existence. Given the climate in which we live, there is so much distraction. If children our taught these principles, the outcome will be different than what we are looking at today in the world.

We are equipped with what it takes to be kind. I am sharing with you ten tips as a reminder so we can teach our kids the same.

1) Teach your kids how to cook and share with each other. You are showing them how to take care of family. As they grow, those little lessons help them grow stronger in their humanity.

2) Teach your kids that your attention is constant in their lives. Even if you are at work, you want them to know you are thinking about them. This will let them know that if you have a work trip or you are going to the store by yourself, they won’t feel abandoned.

3) Teach your kids to care for the family by not using offensive words that can hurt each other. They need to understand boundaries and have respect for each other, which equals love.

4) Teach your kids that everyone is unique in their own way and that someone’s religious beliefs, ethnicity, or skin color should not determine the way you treat human beings. Everyone is equal and belongs to the human race.

5) Teach your kids that kindness extends outside of the home and around the world. In turn, others will be kind to them.

6) Teach your kids that adult discussions are not for their enjoyment. In other words, don’t overexpose your children to adult talk that is only meant for adults.

7) Teach your kids about meditation and how helpful it is to their focus and being calm.

8) Teach your kids that being affectionate to one another will build them unbreakable bonds of love.

9) Teach your kids to offer to help someone every day even if it is sending a prayer.

10) Teach your kids that as a family, you can come together if there is a tough situation. When there is a challenge, you should feel free to be open and include your family. In this way, you can get the support needed and celebrate the good times too.

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