10 Ways to Add Value to an Internship or Job

In his recent article, Thomas Friedman reports employers don't hire interns who are generalists, but rather those who "add value" to the company. The company HireArt says an intern with value is an intern who possesses "creative flair."

While style may get you the internship, it is not enough to make you effective in the position. Ditto goes for your career. I've worked with interns for the last 20 years in corporate America and for the last decade as an entrepreneur.

Here is how I've seen interns and staff add value.

10 Ways to Add Value to an Internship or Job

Finally, add value to everything you do, whether it's in the classroom, in your part-time work, or your activities. If you start to add value to everything you do now, you will see college in whole new way. Take responsibility for your contributions in class and leverage so much more of what college has to offer. Only by stepping away from the lemmings, who largely do not ask these questions as freshmen or even as seniors, can you be at a competitive advantage in the world of interning and, eventually, gainful, meaningful work.