10 Ways to Get Instagram Followers

Most of you already use Instagram, whether it is for a blog, business, or merely your own personal account. And, let's be honest, everybody wants a massive following. So, how do you organically gain more Instagram followers? That is the question we are answering today.
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Instagram, without a doubt, is among the most popular social media channels. Especially in the beauty field, where visual content rules. Most of you already use Instagram, whether it is for a blog, business, or merely your own personal account. And, let's be honest, everybody wants a massive following.

So, how do you organically gain more Instagram followers? That is the question we are answering today.

Be Social

Interact with your community and go above and beyond. Reach out and follow a handful of cool people, discuss, talk, and comment. If you love a photograph do not merely 'like' it, you should leave a fast comment regarding what it is that you like about it. It is likely the account owner is going to check out your account, as well, and perhaps become one of your followers. But, do not become a serial commenter cutting and pasting 'Cute!' on a multitude of photographs. That isn't actually cute, that is a waste of everybody's time.

Be Consistent

Select one filter -- whatever it is you enjoy the most -- white and black, Polaroid, or sepia-like effect and apply the filter to all of the posted photographs. Also, it is better that you stick to a single niche subject than posting random unassociated images. Make certain to occasionally shock your followers with something off subject. If you have a desire to post on different topics, you might want to start several Instagram accounts.

Be Helpful

Which for Instagram will mean be inspiring. Typically, people begin to use Instagram to keep updated with their family and friends yet they wind up utilizing it as an inspiration source. Cooking, styling, nail art, decor, travel, and so on. It is about capturing an idea within a photograph instead of clever text. An inspiring and bright photo without any text does better than a blurry photograph with a bit of interesting information within the caption.

Post Clear, Bright Photos

Do you have Pinterest or Tumblr accounts? What type of photos do you pin? Some bright, pretty, and inspiring pictures right? That is exactly the kind of pics you ought to post on Instagram. But, what if you don't have anything pretty and bright to post? Skip that day or re-gram somebody else's image instead. It will have a better impact upon your Insta-image than to post an image of a blurry something. The next tip will explain why!


Be generous and share others' relevant content upon your Instagram. It is the best method of making friends! But, do it within a genuine manner without expecting anything in return. If you enjoy somebody's work, share their work and tell the world they are doing a great job!

Always Give Credit

It is one thing to re-post somebody's content to allow your followers to know about an awesome account and a whole different thing to take somebody's photograph to make your account appear better. You should always give credit, you will earn credibility and your Instagram account is going to be seen as a helpful (there you go, tip number 3 achieved!) resource for your Instagram followers.

Link It

If you are posting for your blog or business, add a link to your post/product in the picture caption and direct link within the link segment of your bio. If the pic is intriguing enough, others will have a desire to see more (or purchase it) and they will go to the effort of visiting your profile in order to click your link. So again, you are being a helpful resource!

Describe Yourself

Have a descriptive biography allowing everyone to know who you are, as well as what you're doing on Instagram. Are you a blogger, shopper, decor addict, etc.? Say it within your biography. 'Curious wanderer' might be an excellent choice for a known public persona (that is, everybody knows who Madonna is) yet not many know who you are. Therefore, write a descriptive, concise bio to offer a reason for individuals to relate and want to connect with you.

Wisely Tag

Do not just randomly tag with the hope that you will gain more followers or likes. Instead, tag precisely yet generally enough to be discovered. For example, for an image of nails, #nailsoftheday tag works better than #ididanamazingjob. Additionally, it is a good idea to come up with your very own tag for your brand.


Follow real individuals, not only your favorite friends, brands, mega bloggers, or celebrities. There are brands and people who do not have a large following at this minute, yet post interesting, relevant, and inspirational photos. If you locate them, apply tip number one - make friends and be social. The more social you become, the better. Not only will you be able to inspire each other, yet you will be able to grow together, as well!

Instagram followers are very sensitive as to what you post compared to mediums like Facebook and Twitter. We cross-promoted one of our accounts using a partner with a different account and gained over 20K followers quickly. However, we lost about 15K nearly as fast due to the other account having a different theme. This turned off some of our audience and many un-followed our account. We continued the campaign and achieved a net gain of 81k followers for the month, but we learned from this experience. When running campaigns it is important to monitor your follower churn and fine tune your messaging, or you may find your account losing more followers than it's gaining. - Aidan Cole, Prosper Social Media

Have you had success building a large Instagram following? Share your tried-and-true tactics in the comments below.

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