10 Ways to get Over Hideous Feelings of Fear Creeping in at the Worst Times When Trying to Execute your Plans and Dreams


Most of us have severe feelings of fear wash over us at the most in opportune times in our life and business. I think the human spirit includes feeling scared sometimes as part of the human condition. Maybe you don't feel good enough, maybe you haven't moved past old experiences.

When hanging out with my clients and friends, it shocks me when a very successful brilliant person speaks about inner fear and insecurity. But obviously we all have insecurities even if we are really successful and awesome. Some people are better at moving past the vulnerable feelings associated with fear. Some of us don't know what to do with those irritating fear based thoughts. Below are my 10 top tips for moving past fear and learning to use fear as tool for success.

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1. Find someone to follow or use as a mentor who busts through fear daily online or in real life. Watch them closely. Use things they do that are brave as a justification to do your own thing fearlessly. I hope this makes sense. If you follow people that are generally brave every day in life and business, it will help you calm down and do as they do.

2. Use an emotion like anger or passion to funnel your fear into action. For instance, when I was young I ended up being a single mother for a few years. I have to admit I was kind of mad at how the situation turned out. I turned the anger into creativity and dreams for my first successful clothing brand. I also used my anger as a funnel into being a good happy Mom because I refused to let my situation ruin my chances of being a content mother.

3. Find your joy in life because if you find true joy it will over power fear. Joy and passion generally feel stronger than fear, so joy wins, simple. It's easier to ignore your fearful thoughts when you are in a joyful state.


4. Stop thinking about what your friends and family think about your dreams, ideas and career. Thoughts about what others feel can truly increase fear. Somehow, someway we need to erase thoughts of what others think. I know it's hard, I know it is scary. But get used to being uncomfortable or at least focus on doing your own thing and caring more about what you think about your dreams and ideas, than what others think.

5. Get in the habit of replacing your fear thoughts that enter your mind often with exciting fun thoughts. Think of fear as an annoyance you want to manage properly. Managing fear is like a sweeping job in a big building. Sweep the little annoying fear sparks out of the way and replace with nice shiny clean thoughts. Don't forget fear cannot be erased completely, only managed and acknowledged.

6. If fear creeps in when you are about to do something awesome, or something that is very important to you. Fear always comes out when we are being brave and creating epic shit. Fear loves to scare us. But remember its normal to want to talk yourself out of executing something. Its normal to make a billion excuses why you shouldn't do something. The secret is realizing fear is tricking you and that you should go for it, regardless. Use it as a motivator to do it anyway. Find the inner fear rebel inside you and jump, skip and dream!

7. Have a dance with fear, get to know fear and when it takes over. Understand when it happens to you. Spend some time thinking about why it happens when it happens. Many times in my life I have thought about why something scares me, success has terrified me, many times. I have a bunch of irrational reasons in my head about why I am scared. When you can figure out why, it's so much easier to move past the fear going forward.


8. Have fun with fear. Find the humor in your fearful thoughts. Laugh it off as you move through fear and transform your dreams into reality. If you think about it, those fear thoughts are pretty funny and shouldn't be taken too seriously. Try to minimize fear in your mind by poking fun at it.

9. Sometimes I think I have outrageous rebellious and weird aspirations that no one can understand. My biggest struggle is feeling different and strange compared to the people around me. Learn to embrace your inner weirdness or whatever makes you unique. If you are different and feel good about it, fear will be minimal.

10. Forget fear. Sounds simple right? Make it a non-issue in your daily life, even if you feel it every day while chasing your dreams and growing as a person. Remember that fear is only a thought and does not have to be the main focus of your life.

What do you think? What is your biggest struggle with fear, comment below?

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