10 Ways to Increase Your Creativity

Creativity is a muscle that must be stimulated and fed every day. We are all born with creativity and how you use it, will determine our career and our life. Artists must increase their creativity to stay relevant.

Below are some specific steps we can take to increase our creativity.

1) Dancing
Dancing has been a part of the human experience for the past 8,000 years. When you dance, you celebrate life and get in touch with your inner gifts. Dancing lets you connect to your creative impulses because your body has all the answers you're seeking. Remember nothing happens until something moves!

2) Singing
Singing lets you find your inner voice. Since childhood, many have had their opinions and voice taken away from them. Life is about communication, and how you communicate will determine the quality of life. Being able to express your needs and wants, you must strengthen your voice.

3) Deep breathing
Breath is life. How deep you breath is how deep you live. Take 15 minutes everyday to listen to your breathing. There are many heath benefits for doing so, It will also gives you the calm and serenity that you are longing for. Mindful breathing gets you in touch with whatever is going on with you. To succeed, first you must know what is stopping you.

4) Listening to music
Music lets us connect to our emotions.We relate to music with our soul. Music lets us wander off and disconnect from the seen world and connect to the unseen world. Music can also get us in the right state of mind.

5) Spending time in nature
Nature lets you connect with the world in a profound way. You realize that you are part of something bigger than yourself. When you slow down, you begin to discover the beauty that is all around and within you. It will also give you a new perspective on life.

6) Painting
Painting and drawing helps you discover ideas that you never thought were there. To have a notebook with you at all times, gives you an opportunity to never miss that creative spark.

7) Finding the child within
All kids live in the now, and believe that everything is possible. They see everything in a positive way, and they're not afraid to believe in their imagination. The secret of life is never to grow up. Children live in a constant state of discovery. Find your child, and you'll start living in your possibilities.

8) Creating joy in your life
Being joyful is serious business. One of the reasons people are not succeeding in life is because they are not taking enough time to create joyful moments in their life. It's imperative you create 3 joyful moments everyday. When you are unhappy, you block your creativity, which gets buried inside you forever. Joy is the key that will unlock the door to your potential.

9) Trusting your instincts
Instincts are the messenger, in which creativity comes to you. Trust your instincts, they are always right. When you follow your instincts it will lead you to the purpose and meaning of life.

10) Laughing
Laughter helps strengthen your immune system. It gives you more energy and helps eliminate stress. People who are going through life threatening diseases, are encouraged to laugh, at least, an hour a day. Laughing has many social benefits. People with a great sense of humor, have better relationships and attract more miracles in their lives. You will not be able to enjoy life without laughter.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited" -- Albert Einstein

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