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10 Ways to Spruce up Your Bachelor Pad

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Single men tend to decorate their living spaces in a very simple manner. Most do not like to have accessories, throw pillows and fancy rugs in their spaces. There are ways to make a bachelor pad look like a sophisticated person who is ready for family life lives there. When in doubt, hire some help or ask female friends for advice. Consider following current home design trends too - the females you date may appreciate it.

Choose a Color Palette

Pick a color that has options for accent colors. It is a good idea to pick colors for your space that make it look comfortable, bigger, and like it fits your personality. In smaller spaces, lighter colors work best as it makes them seem larger. Also consider a contrast wall that is a different, but complementing color to the rest of the room.

Create a Focal Point

Choose a wall, or the fireplace in a room and make it a focal point. The focal point should include pops of color along with a piece of art, accessory or specialty item that will spark conversation among friends. You may need the assistance of a professional interior designer to complete this task.

Add Multi-Use Storage

Multi-use storage is vital for bachelors. You always need a place to store something and an extra place to sit. Consider padded storage cubes and benches. These provide additional seating that is comfortable and a small amount of storage space to keep clutter out of your main entertaining space. You can even create multi-use storage around the dining table by using wooden benches with seat pads and storage underneath to make the space more inviting and casual.

Decorate the Walls

Pick up a neat piece of artwork to hang on the walls. It should be something that reflects your hobbies or general interests. Attempt to select a piece that is mature, impressive, and one that can become a conversation piece. If one of your hobbies is surfing, consider a canvas surfing-themed piece of wall décor with a few supporting accessories.

Window Treatments

A simple wall treatment that reflects your personality works well for bachelors. A solid color or striped pattern is masculine and shows that you also have a bit of design sense about you. If your windows are inefficient, consider window treatments that help with energy conservation like cellular shades. In the bedroom, consider blackout blinds so that you can enjoy sleeping in on the weekend.

Organize Closets

It's no secret that many men are horrible with organization, especially in their bedroom closets. The closet seems to end up as a catch-all for everything with piles of clothes on the floor. Use decorative wooden hangers to organize your wardrobe. Believe it or not, women do find it impressive to date a man who has an organized closet.

Add Lighting

Lighting is important. You should have a lamp in every room that does not have a ceiling light. Change out your light bulbs with LED options as they provide a whiter, brighter light that seems natural. LED light bulbs are also energy efficient, lasting an average of 20 years.

Pick a Theme

A décor theme is important for a bachelor pad. A masculine idea is Mad Men Style, which has been trending and in-style since the 1960s. A style like this is timeless and is easily reworked to fit new color preferences and to intertwine design styles.

Change out Furniture

Bachelors are known for having second-hand, mismatched furniture in their living spaces. While the maker does not have to match, it is at least a good idea to try to match the exterior design and color of your furniture. This makes it a more cohesive looking space. Furniture that fits the space is also ideal.

Create an Entertainment Space

A space that your friends know is for entertaining is ideal. It creates a gathering space in a dedicated area to prevent spills, overcrowding, and keeps your private space private. In the entertainment space, include things like bottles of liquor, a mini-fridge with cold beer and mixers, a variety of glasses and a large ice bucket.

Final Word

It is important to create a budget for your renovation project. Use online resources, local resale shops and local for-sale groups to find items at lower prices. Consider a few upcycling projects too, as reclaimed items are trending and add character to your space. Take a look at items that are discarded and think of how you can repurpose them into usable pieces of furniture, storage, or wall art. Personal touches make a space what you want it to be.