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10 Ways To Transform A Nook

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By Gillian Lazanik, Houzz Contributor

Whether an intentional design element or an awkward corner, the little spaces in your home can become functional jewels, whether they're used every day or just on special occasions. Here are 10 examples of nooks that were embraced in stylish and practical ways.

1. Breakfast Nook
When you don't have enough room for a table and chairs, save space by creating a breakfast nook in a corner. If you don't mind getting cozy, you can fit far more people in a space with bench seating than with chairs.

2. Library
I love the idea of not just creating a reading nook, but also incorporating your reading material there too. Finish one book and grab another without ever having to stand up.

3. Laundry Room
All you need is 30 by 30 inches of space (if you use a compact stackable washer and dryer) and you can transform any space into a laundry room. A bathroom with tiled floors to handle spills is a great option.

4. Office
Little spaces are perfect as working niches. Since most of us use laptops these days, a space 30 inches wide can suffice. A small closet can easily be transformed into a stylish office nook.

5. Play
Kids love secret play spots, and adults love to tuck the mess out of sight. The play nook may just be the best invention ever. Even a small space next to the stairs can provide a world of possibilities to kids.

6. Pet
Pets also like a private space to retreat to. Creating a nook for them helps contain their mess and keep them off the sofa (maybe).

7. Fireplace
Sometimes older homes have fireplaces in rooms that wouldn't necessarily be used for socializing. Why not turn these into social nooks that can be used for a private rendezvous.

8. TV
If you'd prefer to not have your TV the focus of your room but you do enjoy a favorite show now and then, why not dedicate a small nook for your set and leave the rest of your house for socializing?

9. Bed
Bed nooks work great for guest sleepovers. They allow you to utilize the room for other reasons most days of the year.

10. Bathroom
It's often challenging to figure out how to squeeze an extra bathroom into your space. With some smart planning, the space under the stairs can work perfectly.

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