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10 Websites to List Your Home Renovation Business

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Intuit forecasts that approximately 7.6 million Americans will be involved as providers into so-called "gig" economy by 2020, which means that the current total of 3.2 million will be more than doubled. On-demand business model is constantly escalating in importance and popularity. Small and mid-sized businesses have to reckon with this fact in order not to fall behind.

You as an owner of a home renovation business may face this challenge soon as well. The earlier you get things under control, the more advantages of a new business model you can get. Dozens of online marketplaces were launched in the last few years. Some of them are widely used by people looking for quality renovation, remodeling and construction services. So, obviously getting more new clients is the first reason why you should submit your business to a marketplace (or even to a couple of them).

Second, you don't have to look for work to do yourself, in most cases platform's AI assistants find clients for you. So you can save time to focus on other tasks. Third, appointment scheduling is easy. Your calendar and working schedule can be integrated to some of the websites or their mobile apps, so your customers can check when you are available. And you can access the list of your upcoming appointments to make sure you don't miss anything important.

The general principle of how marketplaces operate is quite simple. Users submit requests and the platform matches them with particular service providers. It may be the other way round as well - businesses list their services and users can request quotes (multiple quotes to compare prices, availability, etc.) from providers they are interested in.

So, if you are in the renovation business and want to bring it to the next level, here are some marketplace platforms that are worth to be listed on.

Smith matches you with potential customers. If a customer accepts your quote, you will have to pay an appointment fee to view his or her contact info.


On Porch you need to purchase leads based on location and the type of service you provide. Then, leads are delivered to you via email or text message and you choose the ones that satisfy your business' needs.

Users describe the type of work that needs to be done, and the website provides the best matches to them so that they could select a professional they liked most.


Create an impressive portfolio on Houzz to showcase your business with creative photos, client reviews and community interaction. Users can reach you directly. If you have any products (for the entire home) for sale, you can effectively market them on Houzz as well.


A nice solution for your marketing team. You simply create a profile on Building pros (free for 6 months) and it helps you get promoted on Google. Leads will follow right away.

AMAZON Home & Business Services


Register and set up your account to start getting project offers from customers. Depending on the type of service you provide and the final cost, there is a revenue share for all the completed projects.


Pro Referral finds suitable job requests and provides customers' contact info to you in order to discuss details. Each job request costs some points that you earn for every dollar you spend shopping in-store.


The resource works two ways. You can register your business and send offers to potential customers that are looking for home improvement services or accept requests from homeowners.


Customers will be able to find your profile here and view your ratings. They can contact you leaving the message (with pictures of your project) through the website and get your estimates.

After you create your profile on Yelp, users will be able to view your ratings, pics of your recent projects and find all the essential info about your business. They can contact you directly or press Request a Quote button (if available) to get your estimates.

Bottom line

Hopefully, this list of marketplaces will come in handy for many owners of home renovation businesses. If you want your business to prosper and become more profitable, take away our suggestion to submit it to some of these marketplaces. Driving more fresh leads is what each and every business needs after all.