10 Wedding Etiquette Myths About Planning Your Wedding

From Mom's 'helpful' advice to the shop assistant's spiel on how if you don't cry, then it's not the perfect dress: Here are the biggest offenders in the wedding industry, and let it be henceforth known that they are mythbusted!
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Etiquette, etiquette, etiquette. Oh my, who knew planning a wedding involved so much etiquette!

"You're not do this," "you're supposed to do that" and the age-old, "that's not proper." It seems that when planning your wedding, everyone has an opinion on how you're supposed to do it.

While not all wedding etiquette may be ridiculous, a fair amount is at best outdated and at worst downright absurd.

From Mom's "helpful" advice to the shop assistant's spiel on how if you don't cry, then it's not the perfect dress, here are the biggest offenders in the wedding industry. Let it be henceforth known that they are myth-busted!

1. You have to wear a white dress.


Hey, we get it, ok? Wearing a pink dress may make Grandma reconsider your "purity," but Vera Wang's pink bridal collection really is that hot.

2. Hiring talented friends is the same as hiring a professional photographer.


An Instagram profile -- and I repeat -- an Instagram profile is not an acceptable example of professional photography. Your wedding photography will be treasured for a lifetime. It's kinda the one thing you really should splurge a little extra cash on. Interviewing professional photographers? Know what to ask with these questions.

3. You have to provide an open bar.


Who am I Richard Branson? Drinks on arrival? Sure. Paying for your drinks all night? Err... I don't think so. That's cold hard honeymoon cash!

4. You have to send an RSVP card.


I could have sworn we live in the 21st century. First there was the phone in 1876, then email in 1993 and yeah, texts, a tweet and even a Snapchat are suitable alternatives to me forking out an extra $40. Check out RSVIFY, the online portal for guests to check in to your wedding.

5. You have to have a wedding party (including six bridesmaids and six groomsmen).


Weddings are expensive. Bridesmaid dresses are expensive. Hiring six suits is also expensive. Don't feel the pressure to spring for a full wedding party. In fact, if you would rather have no wedding party, that's fine too!

6. It's not "proper" for a maid of honor to make a speech.


Making fun of the groom for half an hour is so much fun that it's only proper that we get half an hour of ripping on the bride too. Come on ladies, step up!

7. Putting gift requests on the invitations is tacky and not proper etiquette.


If a guest is really offended by you putting gift requests on invitations, then they may want to reconsider their decision to attend. It's helpful information that most guests would love to know, not some sly, tacky way of pressuring guests into buying you gifts. Pfft!

8. You have to have sex on your wedding night.


Sorry, ladycakes! You will be a mixture of too tired (up at six, hello!), too drunk and too yucky to get the deed done. Leave it till the morning when it will be something worth remembering.

9. You can't have "groomsladies" or "bridesmen."


Just because technically they are your "ladies in waiting" doesn't mean you can't have men on the bride's side and ladies on the groom's. This is such an outdated piece of etiquette that it's slightly embarrassing to see it written down!

10. The bride and groom should not get drunk.


All the hours of planning, the many tears that you have both shed and all the nerves! When the marriage is sealed, it's time to well and truly celebrate with a party in my book. Let loose and enjoy yourselves.

What's the funniest etiquette rule you've come across? Let me know in the comments section right here!

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