10 Wedding Guest Horror Stories That Really Happened

You better double check that guest list.

Brides and grooms likely regret inviting these wedding guests.

Below, 10 guests from hell share about their big day wrongdoings on Whisper, an app that lets users share their deepest thoughts anonymously.

Went to a wedding yesterday. Went to the bathroom and took a picture of my naked butt with one of the table cameras. Wonder if they
Once, during a wedding reception on a beach, I threw off my dress and waded into the ocean while no one was looking.
I went to a wedding with my boyfriend and we had sex in the room the bride and groom were sleeping in that night
I went to a wedding yesterday and when the dj didn
I went to a wedding and my girlfriend caught the bouquet. I ran for my life.
I went to a wedding once and charged money at the entrance of the bathrooms
I went to a wedding and mistakenly thought I was talking to the bride. Asked her all kinds of questions. Most awkward conversation ever.
I went to a wedding and had sex with the bride 10 minutes before she changed her last name.
I went to a wedding drunk and threw up in front of my boyfriend
I went to my sister
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