10 Weird Signs A Migraine Is Coming

10 Weird Signs A Migraine Is Coming
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Do you ever wish you could sense when you have are about to get hit with a migraine? Maybe make the call to skip happy hour and get home to rest, or remember to grab your go-to remedy before you leave the house. With several million Americans being affected by migraine, researchers are trying to identify not just the causes and triggers of migraine, but also how people can tell when they are going to get a migraine attack.

In this article we’ll talk about the 10 WEIRD signs that can tell you when you could be on the brink of getting a migraine headache… Any given person may experience just one or two of these, if any, and notice a pattern that can over time can be used as an early warning sign.

10 Weird Migraine Signs

1) Getting an aura: Some people experience visual symptoms known as an aura. Aura experiences manifest as flickering lights, spots or lines. Auras last from 5 minutes to an hour and typically precede a full-blown migraine attack.

2) Changes in mood: Mood changes can be a precursor to migraines. Some people will feel depressed, whereas others will be feel extra energized.

3) Experiencing a nausea or spinning: Migraines can affect inner-ear balance, resulting in a whirling, swirling room. This is similar to vertigo, producing a nauseous sensation that precedes a migraine.

4) Tingling of the body: Aura affects the sensory nerves, resulting in tingling of the limbs and the body. The nerves then become quiescent, resulting in numbness. So, both tingling and numbness of the limbs occur before a migraine attack for some individuals.

5) Overwhelmed by strong smells: Almost half of all migraine sufferers experience sensitivity to smell before a migraine. The perception of scents can be so strong that they cause nausea.

6) Sensitivity to light: Exposure to light when the migraine process is already under way in your body, can cause your optic nerve to activate pain receptors in your brain. This is why most migraine sufferers look to be in a dark, quiet place during their migraine attacks. Sometimes this sensitivity to light is noticeable days or hours before the full-blown migraine occurs.

7) Suffering from sinus symptoms: Some people with migraine have sinus symptoms, such as stuffy nose, droopy eyelids or tearing before an attack. These symptoms can warn you of an impending migraine headache.

8) Craving of certain foods: Before a migraine attack many people crave certain foods, such as chocolate. This can be a signal of a nutrient deficiency. For example, correcting a magnesium deficiency can help stop the chocolate cravings and ward off a migraine.

9) Frequency of urination: If you find yourself rushing to the bathroom more than usual, it may be a sign that you are about to get a severe migraine. This can happen an hour or a couple of days before you get a migraine and is thought to be linked to your body trying to rid itself of excess toxins. Being overburdened by toxins is a contributor to migraines.

10) Yawning a lot: If you yawn excessively, which is different from the kind of yawning you do when tired, may signal that you are about to get a migraine. Yawning before a migraine headache may be excessive and may occur every few minutes.

So if I experience one of these, am I definitely going to get a migraine?

These are common patterns reported by people with migraines. No two migraine attacks or migraineurs are the same. Yawning a lot doesn’t mean that you are definitely going to get a migraine. The point is that by listening to these unusual, seemingly unrelated clues, you may be able to pick up on patterns in yourself. The earlier you notice and take action to stop a migraine, the more effective treatments are – whether you go with conventional medicine or holistic options. Tuning into get to know your body is important either way.

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Keep these 10 signs in mind for early warning of an impending migraine attack so you are more prepared to minimize it. Do you have any other WEIRD signs? Share in the comments below and help someone else figure out their patterns!

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